Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Medical Update, Dossier, and Our BEAUTIFUL kids :)!

Well, our medicals were processed, done, scanned/emailed, and approved by our agency. I don't know how to tell you how much of a relief that was! Yep, fires don't phase me, but paperwork hiccup...just maybe (wink).

As long as we get our employment letter notarized tomorrow, we are on track for our dossier being finish by FRIDAY...THIS FRIDAY. We then go to state authentication and pass it on to our agency (whew!). Hopefully by this time next week the paperwork will no longer be in our hands.

A little bit of happy dancing going on here!

So, from our blog to yours...

Big hugs and a little bit of family!!!!

Today Sarah and Rachel decided to get cute in the car. Who could resist those faces?

Gabe got in on the action!

Park is always the best with family. This is Anna and her Uncle Steve (my bro).

Of course the park is the PERFECT place for pictures!

But the cuteness and goofiness didn't stop there.

...or the COOL

Cool Anna (notice her daddy in the corner)...

Lastly, our goofy girls, Sarah and (honorary crazy person) Lexi (we've hijacked her family and won't let them go). We love you girl!


  1. LOVE that news :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for the paperwork as it goes off :) Love those photos :)

  2. yahoo!!! so glad to hear that your Dossier is coming together!! Praise God! and ohhhh - how beautiful your children are!

  3. the kids are adorable!! :o) (((HUGS))) And believe me I know how wonderful it feels to get that paperwork completed and sent off!!


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