Monday, June 6, 2011

Medical for China Hiccup

I am so I'm ok when there's a fire, I lose the diamond in my wedding ring, our refrigerator dies, a child puts liquid detergent (in an effort to help) in our dryer,'s the small things that drive me batty.

Today I received in the mail my medical for China. There were four thing that need to be corrected (two shot dates missing, my vision missing, and it was not notarized). I just cried. Yep, it can be fixed easily. Yep, I can take it down first thing in the morning and MAYBE get it back tomorrow...maybe...if a notary is in and they have the time.

I'm weary though. I am ready to have our dossier for China DONE. We are ALMOST there...almost. Adopting from Russia and Ethiopia...well, the paperwork was our least favorite part.

Our medicals were (hopefully still will be) supposed to be done this week. My husband's employment letter just needs to be notarized (today or tomorrow). The only things left after that are things that we can do at home. It is feasible that our dossier will be complete by the end of the week.

Can you continue to pray for our medicals and for our dossier to be complete this week? Just weary friends. I DO know it will be okay. We stand in confidence that God is bringing our Jael home. Just weary....

Please also pray for my close friend's mom. She has cancer and she is now in pain everywhere. They are afraid she won't be with us for much longer. Please keep my friend Amber, her husband and children, and ESPECIALLY her mom and dad in your prayers.

Thank you prayer warriors. Thank you for being able to come to you.

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  1. I hear ya--it's just exhausting. It's the little things that get me too--I always say the proverbial straw. . .



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