Sunday, June 5, 2011

Commenting Issues??? Know the Fix...I Think

If you've been like me, seriously frustrated at not being able to comment on some AMAZING blog posts in your blogging family. I THINK I now know the fix. Apparently the issue is everywhere and the following works.

*Click on "Tools" at the top of your screen.
*Click on "Internet Options"
*Go to the "Privacy" tab
*Click on "Advanced"
*Make sure the following are checked.
First party cookies-Accept
Third party cookies-Block
CHECK "Always allow session cookies". That's the important one.

Hopes this works for you! Actually...hoping it continues to work for me (smile).


  1. I'm able to comment on blogger, but not disques. What's the fix for that?? LOL

  2. O.K. I did it!! Now to try it out! LOL! Some blogs I could post on , others I could not??!!

  3. YES!! It worked!! Thax!! (((HUG)))

  4. I'm sooo bad at this...where is 'tools'?? I don't see it...

  5. Lol...nope Jodi, that is TOTALLY me!

    "Tools" is right under the top of the screen where the web address is.

    It says, "File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and then Help".


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