Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eight Gems in My Heart, One Diamond that Doesn't Really Matter

Today is Mother's Day.

Our preacher quoted a study this morning that said, "If you do NOT have children, you average three months more of leisure time a year." My brother leaned over and whispered, "Kat, I think you have a deficit." I love my brother. Leisure time is over-rated anyway (kinda like sanity).

It's been an odd week. I'm not sure there is one that has made me appreciate motherhood more. I may have a house that smells like we've had a BBQ, but I have seven healthy blessings playing, bickering, and laughing in our close quarters right now. I have one little Chinese blessing one step closer to coming home (we have a finger print appointment). Seven of my "gems" are shining all around me.

This morning I realized I was minus a much more minor one. Apparently, we believe, when I was knocking around pulling everything I could out of the house during the fire...I knocked my wedding ring a little too hard. We realized that I am now minus a diamond.

Tears came for about five minutes...then I laughed. "Seriously?" I wanted to ask my arch nemesis. "You think a diamond is going to phase me?"

I have my "gems". I have the only ones that matter. This ring doesn't get another thought.

This Mother's Day I may be minus one diamond, but I have something worth more than a bigazillion (from the official Kat dictionary) times family.

Happy Mother's Day to so many awesome moms that I know read this blog.

Hugs and Love (with a slight scent of BBQ) from our blog to yours!


  1. WOW! Miss a few posts....and there is something big that happens! PRAYING for your family. So wonderful to know that YOU KNOW the REAL IMPORTANT things in life are family & God! AMEN!!!!

  2. I lost a diamond too! About 5 years ago. We were having the time of our lives. Laughing. Vacationing at our lake property (we have no cabin ;o) Rough stuff camping in the wilderness, apparently not conducive to diamond wearing! I cried too. But now I'd gladly sell that ring for a plane ticket for one of my boys! Except no one else wants to buy a ring minus a diamond! LOL!
    (((HUGS))) You are a gem too Sweetie!

  3. Sigh. I'm praying for you, friend! I am overwhelmed just reading and praying about the storms being thrown at you. Only through God are you having such strength!!! Praise Him!


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