Monday, April 4, 2011

"Official" Home Study Approval, "I HOPE Those Are All Your Children", and Lice

Friday my husband's work computer crashed. The bath, shower, and toilet all refused to drain in our master bath (time for the "snake"). Finally, we had a fire in our oven from something we spilled and didn't know it...smoke filled the house. The last actually happened while we had a ton of friends over. My hair even smelled like smoke.

Saturday was filled with my husband driving a hour and a half to help with a move, little blessings (wonderful children), drama (not I stomp my foot), and time at a awesome friend's house. Got to admit, we love brave friends that invite all nine of us over.

Sunday, my husband had a pinched nerve that had us all surrounding him (such pain..much better now).

The "storms" are really getting funny, seriously. There are definitely good things going on for the "storms" to be happening this frequently.

Often I think the "storms" come because satan wants us distracted from the great things God is doing. The funny thing is, God uses those "storms" to grow us and bring us closer to Him. How cool is that?! God wins, satan loses.

Today we were told that we were "officially" approved to bring home our sweet Jael (home study wise). We knew we were, but got the "official" word today. WOO HOO!!!! How did we celebrate? Chocolate of course, one of my downfall foods, but that is another

Then today we received a call...we have been "exposed" to lice by one of the blessings that was here. I admit it that, when my husband told me, I just laughed (and scratched my head).

I cannot fathom how it will be fighting lice if it has spread in this house. We've pulled off the pillows, blankets, and such that this little one played on. Now we wash and wait...

I'm thinking that if the little bugs show up, we just might name them and keep them as pets. After all, I couldn't think of a cheaper pet and my daughter LOVESSSS bugs (smile).

God is TOTALLY sustaining me and giving me SO many smiles. This stuff just doesn't matter in the big picture.

Oh, I could have gotten mad and frustrated today when we received the following lovely comment from a store clerk.

We have many who think we're nuts, but love the kids and us anyway (smile). They may not understand, but they are totally okay with that. And then there are others...

I have been preparing for comments like this. I knew they would come. Many don't even mean them as ugly, but just aren't thinking.

Today the store clerk looked at me (with all children standing around chatting) and said, "I HOPE these are all the kids you have. What is it, seven?!" It wasn't said in a particularly nice way. I just gave her a huge smile and said, "Nope, we have a daughter in China too."

Life is fun when you just realize the craziness it entails and celebrate it!

Crazy, crazy, crazy....

Dear "Storms",
We wanted to send you a letter of thanks. You have given us so much laughter that we may not have had otherwise. You may even be sending "pets" our way. How could we not thank you for that?!

I do want to mention that sunny days are near and sometimes one can overstay their welcome...just a thought.

Overcoming with God,

"He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?' Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." Matthew 8:26


  1. I love your life....I always feel soooo much better after reading about it;)! Love ya!

  2. AMEN SISTER!!! PRAYING with you!!!! Through the storms that the world gives, but God overcomes :)!!!!

  3. Great attitude!!! It was nice to see Tom and Anna at Wal-Mart the other night!

  4. Where were you on Monday when our USCIS I800 worker (who we were told was super? nice?) Called and gave us the 5th degree about everything we need to do before she'll "consider" approving us anytime soon??
    After reading your post I'm giddy with happiness. But Monday I wept in severe frustration!
    This post was inspired by God from you to ME!! (((HUGS)))


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