Friday, April 15, 2011

Attachment Thoughts and A Post You Need to Read

Many of you know that I've written on attachment before, not as an expert (far from it) but thoughts as an adoptive mom.

"The Story of Attachment"

I've been delving into my thoughts on attachment as I finish reading "The Connected Child". There are so many levels to attachment and sensory issues. My thoughts and understanding have gained more depth in the last year, but I have so far to go.

Throughout this year we are trying to prepare ourselves and our family (and friends for that matter) for issues that MAY come up when our sweet soon to be three year old comes home. We want to educate ourselves to a greater degree, talk to those that have been through it, and prepare our children for what may be ahead.

We pray, and ask others to pray, for Jael's heart to be prepared. We ask for prayers that her transition is smoothed. God can do this. Yet we know that we may have lessons we need to learn from her little hurt heart.

As time passes and I can organize my thoughts, I will write more depth posts, on attachment and sensory issues. Not as an expert, but to share as we prepare.

This morning a read a beautiful and heartbreaking blog post. Sometimes the reality of the hurt our children go through is overlooked. I LOVE the of this post. I had our two oldest girls (who will travel with me to China) read it. The rest of our children will be read it tonight. Yes, it's that important....

If you are preparing your children, this post would be a great way to open up the lines of communication and teach them that the long awaited day...the day they meet their sister and brother...well, it may not be easy.

I can't wait to read the future journey of this family. It's a hard post, but it leaves you with so much hope.

"A Broken Hearted Beauty"

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  1. Pulls on the heartstrings and makes a person think all at once! Thanks for sharing.


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