Monday, April 25, 2011

Adoption~Clawing Through the Dirt

A sparkle in your heart as you slip into Church and pull aside your friend.

"I'm pregnant. I'm gonna have a baby!" you want to scream.

Your friend completely lights up, wraps you in a huge bear hug, and laughs (her eyes glistening with tears), "You are just such a good person for doing this. It's just so good of you guys!"

Truthfully, my first thought would be, "It's just one of the perks of marriage."

My next thought would be, "What..... Huh??"

Yet, we get this constantly concerning our future child through adoption. It's one of those things that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It doesn't make me angry and I really do believe it's coming from a good place. It just doesn't make sense.

You see, actual adoption is NOT a ministry. I don't know of one person who wouldn't claw straight through pavement and dirt, straight through the earth to bring their child home.

If that is what it'd took to bring our children by birth home...we'd see holes surrounding the hospitals.

That is what we, as adoptive parents, are doing....swimming the seas, clawing through the earth, whatever it takes to hold our child in our arms. A pregnancy of our heart is just as real. We are not doing it because we are good people. We are not doing it because it's good of us. We are doing it because our child is waiting for us.

They are the child of our flesh. They are the child of our blood. Just as two become ONE flesh in marriage. God weaves our hearts and bodies with our children in such a way that says, "This is OUR child. These are OUR children." Whether born through our womb or through the labor pains of a country whose muscles are contracting bringing forth OUR child.

We are not any better.

Well, maybe we are...we are better for knowing the child that is coming into our arms.


Just a thought....

There is only One that can claim that it was good...that it was amazing of Him. He didn't claw through the earth though. He conquered death.


  1. I too feel it is strange when people say - that is soo good of you? WHAT? Only God is good. We just get to chase around the world across the state for our kiddos :)

  2. That was so beautiful and so well written...AMEN!!!!

    Love and blessings,


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