Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Storm Chasers...Laugh or Cry?

*My husband's step-dad dying
*Anger over the past (by others) overflowing and greed taking hold from others
*Trying to handle the unkindness with God's love
*Funds that we planned to pay for the initial fees fell through (God provided another way)
*Funds that we planned for home study fell through (God provided another way)
*Tax return hiccup (still getting worked out and waiting for a letter telling us what we need)
*Things at work reaching a stress filled level for husband
*Psychological interview required for home study
*State clearance mailed to wrong agency (still trying to get it in the mail)
*Nerve in leg sending shooting pains for three days as we prepared for home study.
*Husband's shoulder injured
*Husband dealing with greed as he tries to move his mother's things. None of us are used to this level of unkindness
*Vacuum cleaner broke before home study (has happened before EVERY home study...all FOUR)
*Seat belt in vehicle broke
*Son hits a wall (figuratively) in difficult class and got a wonderful tutor
*Respected person in leadership makes a comment that wasn't very kind or sensitive
*Friends and their families hurting
*Twins learn that they don't like the word "no" (smile)
*Washing machine stopped working. Thank facebook friends for idea how we may fix it (very seriously). Flooded half of kitchen when fixing it...oops.
*Schedule disrupted constantly with weird and unusual things that will probably never happen again
*Child throws up in box of hats
*Find baby snake in house (cat was chasing it)
*Three tires ready to go in in car...replaced
*Dealing with adults treating each other badly...seemingly like children
*Cat falls in toilet that one of the kids forgot to flush
*Hose in sink gets sliced and to repair it you have to replace whole sink (comes ONLY in set). We remove hose and cap it.
*One baby figures out how to take off poopy explanation necessary.
*Baby teething and only bites when teething

There are too many more things that have happened to even list...little things.

I wrote this list to vent, complain, cry in exhaustion, and WAAAAAAA!!!! That's why I wrote it, but I find I can't do those things. All I can do is laugh.

The day we realized Jael was our daughter and our hearts were committed to bringing her home is the day this started. ALL of this has happened within a very short time.

We aren't surprised. You've probably noticed what verse we've chosen for Jael's adoption.

"He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?' Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." Matthew 8:26

We felt the storms coming. Others felt it too and talked to us about it. Prayer warriors started praying on our behalf.

Again, we knew it was coming.

Yes, we are exhausted and weary and a little tired of the waves rocking, pounding at times, and of course occasionally pouring over our heads.

It's true that I sometimes want to pull the covers over my head and scream, "I'm not here!!!"

Yet, through the tiredness and occasional hurt, God is so faithful. He has given us such amazing gifts. Seven are starting to settle down to go to sleep and one is playing across the world. I have a husband who is my best friend. Wonderful friends who support us. God's word melting into my heart. Finally, I have a Heavenly Father who will NEVER leave me, whose grace I cannot earn, who loves me even as He disciplines (and believe me, I need a 2x4 upside the head occasionally).

So, I will look at this list and laugh. If following God means chasing the be it.

It's time for satan to get up outta here.


  1. Kat, I love You and I love the way you write! I am right there in the boat with you all (someday I will type up my list of what has rocked us since we said yes about Jacob). I am so blessed by your family! much love and many prayers flowing towards you tonight! Donna

  2. Eyes on Jesus all the way baby!!!!:)

  3. Sounds like "keepin it real" to me! :o) Sending (((HUGS))) and prayers!


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