Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers for Two Beautiful Children

Tomorrow there are some sweet little girls that will be in surgeon's hands. Let's pray for GOD's Hands to rest on them, healing their little bodies.

Eden (a sweet little one that has only recently come home from Ethiopia) has been diagnosed with a rare and terminal disorder, so rare that they are unsure of what it actually is. Let's pray this gene mutation goes completely away. She is receiving a mic-key button tomorrow and will be under general anesthesia. You can read more about her on the link below.

"Life With My Angel"

Selah, is one of Lorraine's family's newest blessings. She has hydrocephalus and will be facing brain surgery tomorrow. Can we pray that the doctors completely stop the brain bleed...their steady and GOD guided hands, and also for Lorraine's family. They have been such an example to us all in the life and passing of their (though we feel like she belonged a little to each of us) sweet Serbian Sensation, Chrissie. Please pray that GOD gives them peace that passes understanding and also a direct message to their hearts. You can read more of what is going on in the link below.

"All Are Precious in His Sight"

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