Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prayers for Tomorrow~ Adoption ~ First Request of the Week

Hey friends! This week is, ummm, well...full.

Picture a physical times ten...

Wednesday~ Psychological Evaluation for Home Study
Thursday~ Physical
Friday~ Home Visit

The invasion begins...hee hee. No, it's all good and necessary to bring our Jael home. That doesn't stop me from being nervous though...seriously.

Could you send a prayer up for tomorrow's Psych evaluation and pray for us tomorrow? We all know we're crazy, but it depends if he thinks we're a good crazy verses bad crazy.

Guess I won't talk to my invisible friend during the eval (wink).


  1. HA!! But your invisible friend needs you! ROTFL!!

  2. Exciting stuff. But I can imagine how nerve-wracking it is. Yeah, I suppose you shouldn't have a "parent/teacher" conference with yourself while they are present. ;oP Praying for you!



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