Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Update on Our Journey to Jael...THANK YOU!!!

For all who are praying...HUMONGOUS THANK YOU!!!!! Last week was exhausting and so worth it. Though in retrospect I kinda wonder what I was thinking planning my physical, our adoption psyche interviews, and a home visit in the same week. I KNOW I was thinking we would just get it DONE, but....I'm also thinking I was a little insane.

It went WONDERFULLY though! Wednesday we met the BEST Psychologist and he did (officially as of yesterday) give us a good adoption recommendation.

Thursday I went to the doctor, had normal blood pressure by the time I left (always is high in the office), and had the doctor say, "I would be surprised to see anything negative coming back in the blood work."

Friday our home visit was just so comfortable and so nice. It was just a non-stressor. As I've stated before, our social worker has been here so many times that she probably knows how I fold my towels(or just throw them in the closet) and what drawer I hide everything in.

I felt your prayers last week...seriously friends. Thank you....

We are down to the wire and finishing our last bit of the home study. We have to read about 130 pages and answer questions and we are just about done. Maybe this week???

Our big prayer is for our tax stuff (extra papers they are requesting from us) to finally come in the mail. We received the initial letter, but the requirements seem to be varying per family. If you think about it, we'd love a prayer that it happens quickly. There's such a long list of papers to collect and things to do that we long to be able to turn in what is needed and just get past this step with the taxes. It's not huge or an emergency, but will eventually be a necessity.

Thanks again friends...I'm heading to bed. I can't seem to think straight and it's time to go comatose. Hugs and Love to all my bloggy friends!!!


  1. Still praying! I'm so glad to hear God's presence pulled you through the crazy week and am confident He will support you through the end! :) {hugs}

  2. yahoo!!! So glad to hear all is going well!


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