Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dying on Our Doorsteps~Do We Hear? Do We See? Do We Speak?

(Please click on highlighted words to see the stories and the children I am referring see how we can pray.)

Laying in the hospital right now is a sweet little three year old girl. Her name is Carrington and she has just, in the last couple of weeks, come home to her family from Eastern Europe. At three years old, Carrington is only 11 lbs. Her sweet skin seems to be stretched thin over a living skeleton. Her face is that of a sweet and precious cherub. She is a special needs blessing fighting for her life.

Some mornings my imagination takes hold. A hazy vision fills my head of opening up the door to find a child starving, skeletal, bleeding. I would scoop him up and do whatever it took to insure that he would have EVERY chance of living. You know many would pledge their time and funds to save this little guy. All because he is in our eyesight and our vicinity.

Yet, children are dying each day as they wait for families. They are deemed less worthy.

A family is fighting for their sweet Down Syndrome son in Russia this very minute. They were denied at court ONLY because their son had this special need and was deemed less than worthy. This family is fighting for their son. In a very poignant way, they are fighting for his life.

Just a couple of hours ago I sat and looked at a website, a website that honored the little ones who never made it to their forever family. They waited and now are in the Arms of Jesus...

Children are dying as we wait. Children are dying as we stick our fingers in our ears. Children are dying as we cover our eyes. Children are dying as our hands smother our mouths, not speaking about the need.

My heart breaks as I read about the little ones around the world. Carrington is blessed. She has a family of warriors to fight for her. She IS a message of hope and survival through a HORRIBLE situation.

I sometimes wonder what it will take for all of us to see the child curled up on our door step, a five year old naked except for a diaper, cold and hungry...left and deemed less worthy.

Whose words are we listening to?


"You can't save everyone. You have your hands full now. The economy is so insecure and the timing is bad. You need to get a bigger house first...etc. etc. etc."

or GOD'S

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress" James 1:27a


To see how you can make a difference in the lives of a child, provide a home or help someone else do just that, you can go to one of the following sites.

Rainbow Kids~Membership is free and this is the site that God used to lead us to Jael. There are so many children waiting...
"Rainbow Kids"

Reece's Rainbow~ A site of sweet special needs little ones in need of families. You can also give to grants and help another family bring their child home.
"Reece's Rainbow"

Shaohannah's Hope~Grants set up to help those adopting.
"Shaohannah's Hope"

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  1. thank you for this post... words can not express the prayers I have in my Spirit over this horrific issue across the globe... even in America child sacrifice is happening each day and it is to the evil spirit of abortion. I searched mingi babies and found your blog. I am praying that God allows my husband to be as crushed about all of this as I am. I am already doing everything in my power in America to help blind eyes to be opened to the evil of abortion and now my eyes have been opened to the world wide murder of children both born and unborn. This is for a reason. Dear Jesus help us proclaim your name to the nations and save the children!


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