Thursday, March 10, 2011

Continuing Thoughts~Ethiopian Adoption Slow Down~Information

I have so many more thoughts on what is going on in Ethiopia right now and some news that has been passed on.

You know how I feel about the issue itself, now I think I'm going to share some of my emotions behind it. Also, the thought that (long term) this change may not be as extreme (said prayerfully). There is hope...always hope.

Why We Must Hope...

When we traveled to Ethiopia this last time, we saw so much more of life and it's reality than we had our previous (wonderful, yet highly planned) trip. The number of street orphans was overwhelming. I don't know that my heart had completely ever shattered until I saw older street children mugging and picking on younger ones. I don't know that it had completely shattered until I saw young teens selling and offering to sell their bodies. Had it really shattered before I saw children starving, but the number so great our help would just be a drop in the bucket? Had it before we were told that some of these young orphans are given a choice to stay on the street, because there just isn't enough room in orphanages?

This slow down (flat out) could stop the care of the most vulnerable. When there is now a shortage in space for these children, where will they be when children very rarely leave the orphanages and children's homes for forever families? Would the street of Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas be flooded with children, starving and sick, picked on and taken advantage of by child traffickers? What will become of the orphans that have yet to make it to a care center? This is why my heart has been so heavy and this is why I will hold on to hope.

Because in the big picture, this doesn't make sense. There has to be more to it than we know.

Even on a more minute aspect, the economy will be widely affected. Though the adoption fees to Ethiopia are minimal by comparison (we are so thankful to Ethiopia for their rational in this), thousands of foreigners spend their money there each year. What happens to those businesses that rely on on this? Will businesses close? Will the economy, which needs more jobs as it is, falter?

Though my heart is heavy, AGAIN we can't give up hope. Here is the information and details that I have seen. I can't promise 100% accuracy, but just passing on how things MAY not always be as they seem.

*The MOWA employees that are involved with international adoption have been moved and replaced. The statement is that "they were not effectively performing their roles."

*They have ONLY devised a plan for the next 8 days and not beyond that.

*Forty letters will be issued in the next 8 days (five a day).

*The new employees will devise a plan at the end of the eight days and also when their roles are completely understood.

As you can see, there is a good possibility that we are not hearing everything. I don't know what will be the end result, but as Renae said in her comment on my last post, the JCICS is alluding to positive things.

There is always hope...

God is good.

Praying for the children, government, and situation...also for my wonderful bloggy friends effected by this.


  1. Thank-you for posting this... it provides a different perspective and helps me to hopefully realize that we may not be seeing everything. We have three kiddos (2 bio babes and a little Ethiopian princess) we are also 13 months into the wait for twins from ET... We're at the top of our waiting list and prayerful that we will all be together...eventually. We followed God's call to this point and will continue to do so... It is so hard and so confusing...praying for His will to be done. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. We are also waiting for 2 kids from Ethiopia. I have a quick question - where did you get the information about MOWA employees being replaced? I hadn't heard that before and I wanted to see where it came from before I asked my agency about it.

  3. We've heard this on an agency Yahoo Group as a message passed on from the head of the agency. That's why I'm not guaranteeing 100% accuracy. but to especially show that there are things going on behind the scenes that we are not all aware of.


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