Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Adoption Verse, The Storm, and the Beginning of Blessing

If you knew God as a child, you may remember the sweet innocent feeling of knowing God loved you. It wasn't tied in with mourning for what we have done or that intense's was an innocent tenderness...a fragrant aroma of God's sweet love.

That's the love of God that He is giving me lately. That innocent love, like a child. It's just that He loves me. It makes me sigh (and truly feel a little like romping through the fields pretending to hold Jesus' Hand).

That is the presence of God I feel as we begin to bring Jael home.

If you didn't read the post announcing the adoption of our beautiful Jael(Jay-EL), then you may not remember what happened the day after we made the decision.

The morning after we knew Jael was our daughter, Anna came in and threw herself on my lap terrified. She said, "Mommy, I had a scary dream. We adopted a little girl from China, who was born different than most kids. She was SO cute. That was the good part. The next part is the scary one. We were on this ship and all these people were trying to come on board and trying to hurt us."

The amazing thing is that Anna knew nothing about the impending adoption. She didn't know anything about our decision or even the consideration of another child for our family. This was all God.

As time passed and we announced our adoption, life took some hard turns. My husband's step dad died. The next morning I received in the mail the most beautiful prayer shawl knitted by a sweet and dear blog friend as she was praying for us. I was able to wrap it around me and remember God's arms and that of my dear Christian sister. I firmly believe God timed this blessing.

Where often there is mourning as things and life keep going on like nothing happened, in our personal experience (though we realize it is not this way with many) there is also team work, everyone working together to bring a smooth transition of life (and material goods) to those left behind.

Yet, as can often be when divorce is a part of the equation, waves have rolled instead of teamwork. Materialism has shown it's face. It's hard to know how to deal with the situation since it is so foreign to us. As you can guess, stuff doesn't mean a whole lot to us. This has been rough, to put it mildly. My husband wants to always handle things as a son of God. Our jaws have been dropped and have yet to come off the floor as we watch a saga unfold. I honestly feel a little numb.

As we were finding out the unkindness being unveiled in the situation, I then received a box in the mail. A box from another blog friend. This time it contained a book.

God is knocking again. While she was at the book store, she picked up a book she had never heard of. She had never considered. She read this book and knew I needed it, it was for us. This is the second gift from a friend that came in the mail the day I needed to be reminded of God's love the most. Should I need to be reminded? No, but God sent me a gift to remind me of the sweet aroma of love I mentioned earlier.

The waves have been rocking our boat here, but God is so faithful.

It was my turn for a dream, it was a good one. You may wonder why it was good, but it was very good to me.

I dreamed our entire family was on a steam boat on a river in China...our entire family including Jael. It was close to the dock. It started to sink. Everything we owned was in a closet on the boat. We didn't care about the suitcases. It was my purse (not one that I own, but I remember it exactly) with our passports and money. It was also our silver portable file that we've brought for every adoption, with ALL our adoption paperwork to get Jael home in it. The boat was sinking and everyone seemed to want to stop me from reaching back to that closet. I went to the closet and grabbed only my purse and the file. I then woke back up (or as my kids have always said, the dream popped).

It was a good dream, because we were bringing Jael home and nothing, no drama, no trauma, no 17 foot waves were going to stop us.

We do feel a little like were living with some waves crashing right now.

The day after this dream, the first adoption wave rocked us...maybe not the very first, but that's for another blog. We didn't have the $750 we needed to pay the application fee and such. We had it planned out and it fell through. I now firmly believe that this needed to happen to have God's glory shine through.

Yesterday my husband answered my cell phone and when he told me who it was, I dropped everything. A friend from a Church Home School Group, a blog friend I had never met and lives across the United States, was on the phone. I have grown to love and respect this wonderful woman so much. She has become such a blessing in my life, and now in all of ours. God has pressed on her the same message that He has pressed on us (which I will share in a few minutes). God has been using her.

She and her husband had gone to their Church about our need. The Church responded. We now have a $1000 check coming in the mail. This not only covers the $750 we need this week, but we have $250 to put to the next leg of our journey.

Isn't that so like God? He just makes me feel so loved.

All of that brings me to what God seems to be sharing with us through the dreams and just a tenderness of the heart.

We have storms we will have to weather during this adoption. I don't know if it's around Jael, or our family, extended family...but there are storms.

We feel the waves have started, but we also don't know what lies ahead. God is our comfort, but I can't say that this doesn't scare me at all. I don't want storms. I don't like storms. Yet, if that's what needs to happen to bring glory to God...then storms it is! Smile....

We feel that with that message so clear...the following verse is what we have chosen to symbolize this year of bringing Jael home. This is our verse of hope.

"He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?' Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." Matthew 8:26

I am asking you today, not in lue of other prayer requests, but to petition God for our storm and the waves that may be ahead in a very specific way.

Please Pray....

*For the waves rolling after the death of Thomas' step-dad.

*For the waves at my husband's place of business to smooth and calm.

*For the individual that needs to contact us to feel positive about playing a role in our process (even on a small level), the waves of her heart (if they are there) are calmed, AND that she contacts us.

*For everyone involved in our home study to feel confident (beyond reason) in our family being ready and perfect for Jael.

*That all paperwork may be quick and without flaw (in only a way the God can do).

*For all "hiccups" to be banished and a hedge of protection be surrounding this journey.

*For our tax return and finances to fly that we may get started on our journey at a greater speed.

*Most importantly, that God be brought glory and His will be done in all of this.

Thank you my friends.

I hope to share with you in the next couple of days about another friend of mine who received approval TODAY from China to bring her little boy home. It's a story of how God interwove our families and blessed us yet again.


  1. We love you guys! Hang in there! You are in our prayers!

    Erin Stokes

  2. PRAYING!!! Every worth while thing that has ever happened in our family had a lot of waves :) God is sooo very good!!! Blessings on your wonderful journey for Jael!!!! I know God will provide everything you need :)

  3. How wonderful!! Prayers are being answered left and right! I have goose bumps! Sending all our LOVE and MORE prayers! ;o) (((HUG)))

  4. I just love our God and how He works! He is so amazing to surround you with His love, especially right now!

    He never fails to amaze me. Thank you so much for sharing and letting us glorify Him along with you. "He has done great things!"

    And I still can't get over the fact that we studied this same story in our Bible study Sunday morning. :)

    I continue in prayer for you and your precious daughter.

  5. Sorry for the storm, but that is so often what Satan does in the lives of those who want to make a difference. I won some books from you and at the time asked you to pray for our son to become a believer. That is still our prayer, but now we have another one. We are considering the adoption of two Haitian boys who are already in the US and need to be re-adopted. We are in the gathering information stage and would love a clear confirmation from the Lord that this is what we are supposed to do. I love your faith and confidence in what the Lord is showing your family and would love the same for us.
    May God hold you during this storm and time of blessing.

  6. Wow, just after I commented, we got an email from the social worker for the boys from Haiti. Since our homestudy isn't current, she can't promise they will still be available since they have interested people who are homestudy ready. Now the prayer is, are we still supposed to adopt, just someone else. Again, we ask for clarity and wisdom.

    God bless.

  7. Gena, I have NEVER stopped praying for your son and know EXACTLY who you are :). We will pray and I will add your prayer requests to the blog prayer requests. I canNOT wait to see what God does in your lives!!!! Please share as He answers...He's amazing.


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