Sunday, February 27, 2011

Next Steps and Prayers

So many precious people in our lives are going through so much. It seems that things here are so trivial in comparison. I have so many posts running around in my head that I want to write, but am just not quite ready.

Since I know some may be wondering what the next step in our adoption is and what the next few weeks look like, I thought I'd focus on that. Even with the bug we all have, that is something I can write and still make a little bit of sense of (smile).

Many of you that have done a home study, know the paperwork aspect. We are still in somewhat of that stage. Updating our home study this time is more extensive. Usually we have our home study done before we see a picture of our child, but since God led us to Jael when we weren't expecting it...well, it's a little different than before. Though we are trying to hurry, so much paperwork is "hurry up and wait".

These are the things we have done and what we will be doing the next few weeks.

Letter of Intent to China and acceptance by them.
Application to agency and fees.
Contract for home study and fees.
Social worker interview with children and husband.
Official proof of employment by my husband's company.
Financial form (turning in this week at least)

Still to do in March:
*Home visit and interview with me (around the 25th most likely)
*Medicals on the kids (general), Thomas, and I. The kids and Thomas will be quick, but my physical is just before the home study.
*Our Psychological evaluation: Our agency would like us to do this as an added insurance since the twins came home only 8 months ago AND we have seven children. Not all agencies do this, but ours is extremely diligent. Of course, we don't LOVE it, but we LOVE that our agency is dotting every "i" and crossing every "t".
Apply to Immigration
Recieve taxes so that we can pay the program fee and get started on our dossier. We had to mail in our taxes, so it will most likely take longer. That is a concern, but God is bigger that this.

Every step we have in March is major...MAJOR. There are possible hiccups in every bit of progress this month. We believe firmly in God's guidance and His Hand on every step of our journey, but we would GREATLY appreciate anyone that feels they can join us in pray this month as we continue down this blessed road that God has led us on.

I'm hoping I didn't forget anything, but that is about all my melting brain can handle. Have a blessed night friends! More prayer request are below!

"He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?' Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." Matthew 8:26

Our Personal Prayer Requests

*For the waves rolling after the death of Thomas' step-dad.

*For the waves at my husband's place of business to smooth and calm.

*For everyone involved in our home study to feel confident (beyond reason) in our family being ready and perfect for Jael. That we are approved and it all goes quickly.

*That all paperwork may be quick and without flaw (in only a way the God can do) and both U.S. immigration approves us quickly and the Chinese government.

*For all "hiccups" to be banished and a hedge of protection be surrounding this journey.

*For our tax return and finances to fly that we may get started on our journey at a greater speed and that all finances come together with smoothness and speed.

*Please pray for our daughter across the world who faces each night alone, not knowing a family awaits her. Please pray that she feels God's presence, God's hedge of protection around her, that her heart is prepared and ready for family, and that Jesus fills her heart and helps her to be ready to attach to her family. Also for her biological family and their peace and knowledge of a God that loves them so very much.

*Please pray that God protects us from satan's attacks. When you follow God, satan always attacks.

*Most importantly, that God be brought glory and His will be done in all of this.

Prayers for Our Brothers and Sisters
If you have a prayer request, I will be trying to place them at the end of EVERY blog. Just comment or email me and I will list them. If you have a private one, just let me know and I will hold it up to God in prayer, but not place it on our blog.

*Please pray for Eden, a little blessing from Ethiopia, who has a life threatening disorder.

*Please pray for Judah, a little one from Ethiopia that is on a medical visa here in the United States. He has hydrocephalus and the doctors are evaluating him for treatment that is not available there. God is working miracles, can we pray for some more?

*Please pray for my friends Michelle and Amber who both have parents struggling with cancer.

*Please pray for Donna and her family as they are starting the adoption process at the same exact time we are and have their preliminary approval as well.

*Please pray for the funds to bring Isaiah and Ruth home in around three short weeks. May funds pour in....

*Rolando and Julia (Guatemala-It has been over five years.), AND Junior and Diamoh (Liberia) to be able to finally come home to their families and that these countries open to legitimate adoptions.

*Renae-For the continued transition of their sweet family. Their daughter joined their family this year and they are starting the process of another amazing journey to Ethiopia!

*Daniel (Liberia) and Jeremiah (Taiwan)- for their continued health issues. God's blessings and Hand on them and their families.

*My friend (unnamed, God knows)... foster son, his family, and all who will make or influence decisions on his behalf that God's will be done in every aspect of his life. Also, currently, for his serious health issues.

*For Eliz and their family as they bring home five beautiful blessings with Down Syndrome.

*Please pray for discernment and clarity for Gena and her family as they seek God's will about a future adoption. Also, please pray for their teen son to come to know Christ.

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