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A Year of Truth- The Food Stronghold

Life is never what I expect and often so much cooler. As I sit here with a cup of mint tea and watch the cat try to get into the gerbil cage, I realize just how blessed I am.

It is only January and in the last couple months God has "grown" me so much. I thought thirty was a big year for me. Thirty four brought some BIG veil rending. Now thirty nine....thirty nine is life changing.

God has shown me clarity in the last few months. We still pray for discernment in certain things, but clarity to discern what's going on in my head....well, my friends, that's HUGE! My mind seems to shoot so many different directions at one time that it's crazy that I'd ever be able to make sense of it (smile).

I am seeing God's truth on a whole new level. That's what it's really about, truth. I've talked so often about lies of the evil one, but truth is the real clarity. One of my favorite bumper stickers said, "Truth is not always popular, but it's always right."

We seem to jump on the "lie" bandwagon so often. Blindly accepting the lies being thrown at us. We accept the "You're a failure." and "Can't you do anything right?!" It's so easy to believe what failures we are.

"There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:22b-23

I know I've talked about this before, but God doesn't talk to us while pounding "FAILURE!!!" into our heads. If that's all I learn this year, that's HUGE!!! If all I learn is that God's words are reconstructive, while satan's are destructive (see the post "Epiphanies and Lies") then "YEE HAW!" This is a very good year!

Each week it seems that God is revealing truth in parts of my life.

I've been doing a Bible study called "Freedom from Emotional Eating" by Barb Raveling (thanks Eliz!) and it has just brought so much more clarity. It has helped me to see that what the world says is a "battle with the bulge" is really a spiritual battle over one of satan's strongholds. Not that eating is wrong (ya, that wouldn't be fun), but that any aspect of our lives that is controlling us (and not of God) is a stronghold of satan. This Bible study has been an eye opener in many areas. It reveals so many lies the world/the master of lies tells us. It isn't even just about eating. You see my issue isn't heavy or's food. I've been both. There are several points she's made so far that hit home with me (and I'm only on week three).

This author lists some of the lies we tell ourselves.

Recognize any...these are some of my favorites.

*I won't worry about eating healthy on vacation. After all, it's vacation.
*I will start eating healthy tomorrow (and give ourselves permission to eat horribly tonight).
*I will start Monday.
*I messed up already today, so I might as well give up today and wait until tomorrow.
*I deserve this treat. I have worked so hard.

These are just a few.

One of the biggest realizations for me has been the "I can have just a little bit" lie. I've believed it my whole life.

I have certain foods that will always make me derail on the health train (just as vacations and holidays do). She talks about giving these foods up for a season OR for good. The world says that's crazy. Yet the Bible is very clear when it says...

"And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell." Matthew 5:30

There is so much more in this Bible study and God brought it in my life during a time of unveiling the lies. This is just another aspect of my life that clarity is slowly sweeping in.

This is a year of truth, a year of lies falling away.

I just wanted to share with you just another tidbit of what God is sharing with me.

I highly recommend this Bible Study. It comes from a side I had never thought of and has given me clarity that I never have had before in this part of my life. Someday I will share with you the trials that brought me to a point where food became a stronghold, but for now I would just like to share with you a little more in my "Year of Truth".

If you would like to read more about this journey. You can also read,
The Lies satan Tells About Adoption


Prayer Requests (Personal Family Requests Below)

*Rolando and Julia (Guatemala-It has been over five years.), AND Junior and Diamoh (Liberia) to be able to finally come home to their families and that these countries open to legitimate adoptions.
*Renae-For the continued transition of their sweet family. Their daughter joined their family this year! They are also embarking on another blessed journey to their next child (Ethiopia). Please pray God's hand on them and His protection (as satan is already attacking).
*Daniel (Liberia) and Jeremiah (Taiwan)- for their continued health issues. God's blessings and Hand on them and their families.
*Our friend's (unnamed, God knows) foster son, his family, and all who will make or influence decisions on his behalf that God's will be done in every aspect of his life.
*Eliz and her family-Blessings of speed of process and safety for her five fragile sons with Down Syndrome as they wait to bring them home.
*Please pray for our friends (the Stokes family) and their adoption from China as they reach the last stages to bring home their newest blessing.
*Please continue to pray for Abby, Tatum, and Elke (little blessings with leukemia). Though remission may be there, please pray for their continued health.
*Please pray for my spiritual sister Michelle's dad who is in a battle with cancer.
*Please pray for a special friend Amber's mom who is also battling cancer.
*Please pray for baby Judah (a newborn little blessing from Ethiopia) who has hydrocephalus and is currently in the U.S. for treatment.
*A sweet friend (God knows) who are on the verge of starting another adoption. Please pray for discernment and blessing for this wonderful family.

Our Family Prayer Requests:

*We pray that God may help us discern if a child we view is our next child. We pray that financially things will fall into place to be able to adopt so that we will not have to wait on any funds (at least initially). We pray for health as we plan for the future. We pray for our future children, our current blessings, and our family...that they may be loved and prepared for another amazing blessing. Especially we pray that whatever happens, it is to God's glory and is HIS will.

*We also ask that you join us in prayer for wisdom and guidance (that we can bring God the most glory) in my husband's career. We're limited in what we can share, but feel pressed on to pray about both these prayer requests and God knows exactly what we're asking.

*Last, we ask that you pray protection against satan's barbs/attacks which we've been seeing quite a few of recently. Thank you

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  1. HA!! How cool Miss Kat! ;o)
    Like I said in my blog- ; I have wasted tons of money on "diet" products and "diet" books. But Freedom From Emotional Eating was worth every penney!
    Barb also has a blog-
    Also Barb would love it if you e-mailed her OR wrote a book review on Amazon.
    No I don't get kick backs! LOL! I just love Barb and her book!


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