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A Comment the Other Day on Roe Vs. Wade...Very Real Thanks to Anonymous

I received a comment the other day that I really appreciated. I LOVE all the comments and feel just like I'm chatting with my friends. Yet, I appreciated this one specifically. Why? Because on a very tough subject, disagreeing with me, she handled it with maturity.

In an age where there is so much anger (abortion is a VERY painful subject) it is nice to see that we, as adults, can talk with each other with the love of Christ. I may not have agreed with her, but I am thankful that we can (figuratively) sit together and talk.

I have very strong views on abortion and the harm it causes, but WELCOME questions and discussions why. How else can we share? I have learned so much from others and hope that God allows me to touch another life.

Below is the comment from Anonymous and my response (also two previous posts on this subject).

I have a reason for why I believe what I do...several. One, the first one, I have not shared yet. It is very personal and involves someone else. I need to insure this other person won't be hurt as I share our story before I will consider posting it. Here is the comment from the previous post.

"If only it was always that simple. I know women who have had terminations due to the baby being incompatible with life-ie no kidneys, no brain, those who have terminated because of special needs-downs syndrome, dwarfism and those who feel that is not the right time for a baby. it is NEVER taken lightly but very few of these women regret their decision. I don't know what I would do in their circumstances but do believe Christian families who adopt special needs babies to say YES WE WANT YOUR BABY would help. But interested in your opinion in if the baby is incompatible with life? Should the Mama go through another 4 months of a pregnancy where the baby WILL NOT live as no kidneys or brain? What then? This happened to a fellow colleague last week (20 weeks pregnant, Potters Syndrome) and had to abort.
By Anonymous on 38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade...Sadness on 1/23/11"
My response...

"I am so thankful for your thoughtful comment. I do ache so much for these decisions that are made and for the mothers whose hearts are breaking themselves. I have tears in my eyes (yep, maybe I'm a little emotional when I think of how their hearts are torn.

I do think differently though I completely understand what you're saying. I have seen the diagnoses of "not compatible with life". The child had no brain. The parents decided to have their child and God performed a miracle. The child, with no brain, had enough communication (somehow...I don't understand all the medical things) to be able to have some part of life. He was never what is considered normal, but did have the ability of some communication (to a degree).

I think that some children are born not only to teach us as humans, compassion, but to teach us to grow. Their blessing on this earth goes beyond their heart beating. When doctors render a diagnoses, I think that is when we need to realize that God is bigger than any diagnoses. His miracles are astounding. There are times where God will not answer what we want, but then again, He has a greater plan for the situation. I think it is not for us to determine the value of life, whether God will perform a miracle, or whether hearts will be broken but grow in a way that we (as mere humans) cannot understand.

I do believe that doctors are wonderful and there for a reason, but that (many of them will admit) they don't know why a life that they felt wasn't compatible with outside the womb became compatible. They don't know why a cancer disappears or a person that they felt would have little brain function is now teaching at a major college. They can't explain God.

I do ache for the mothers. I do. I just also believe each little one has a purpose, even if it's so painful and shattering and growing us in a way we don't want to.

Close friends of ours knew that the doctors said that their little one wouldn't live very long once born. They had their daughter and she lived three blessed days. They held her and never regretted their decision. I do understand the pain. I just think we are not told that there will not be pain, horrific pain in life. That there will not be trials.

It's awful, truly awful, and though I understand what you are saying, I don't think abortion is the answer. Though I do have compassion in the pain, I don't think abortion is the answer.

I think some children are born in the womb to die, but then we all are born to die...just as Christ was.
By Kat on 38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade...Sadness on 1/23/11"
For more on why I believe what I believe, you can click on the following links.

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  1. When I found out at 46 that I was pregnant and NOT in good health. I really saw how easy it was to consider an abortion.

    Praise God that the clinic my OB/GYN is at and the hospital we have are run by a Catholic Dioscese(sp). My regular Dr was also a very strong Catholic but did not work at a Catholic clinic.. No I'm not Catholic, but many in our city are. :o) They never once asked me about terminating my pregnancy. They just warned me that the odds weren't in our favor.
    And with their support; at age 47 I was a new- old mom again! LOL!

    Now if I had not had that support I can honestly tell you that I may have thought of terminating. Thinking about abortion was enough to frighten me, because I do NOT believe in abortion. But we do make it too easy to get one in this country. We have got to get out and support each other more so that we don't ever in a moment of weakness make the wrong choice.

    My son will know I thought about it. But my faith in God was stronger than my circumstances. Not all women can say that, they need our help!
    O.K. I'm steppin off the soap box now! :o)

  2. AMEN Eliz! I totally agree. We need to step up and support those who are bombarded. I believe we need to be more than willing to go beyond to show the love and compassion to those struggling. AMEN!!!

    I gotta say too, my daughter (14) firmly believes that she will have her first baby in one arm and her baby brother or sister in her

  3. Not the same anonymous I must add.

    But, We had friends who were told that their son had no brain, and was missing part of his vital organs, He was given 10 minutes tops to live.

    He is now 1 I think, and does have disabilities known as Downs Syndrome. That. Is. It.

    Doctors get it wrong.

    This boys life could have been over before it started because of this.

    He deserved a chance to live, and now he is beating all the odds thrown at him.

  4. Wow, he is just so beautiful! I hope everyone looks at the comments section. Thank you for sharing this sweet and amazing gift of our Creator.

  5. Amen Anonymous! Drs do get it wrong! I couldn't see the picture, but I'm sure he is an angel baby! (((HUG)))

  6. This comment is not about abortion per se, but has a similar line of thought. I have a friend who had a molar pregnancy (which is dangerous for the mother). When she got pregnant again, the doctors said it was another molar pregnancy and that she should have a DNC. She went home and told her husband. He had a strong feeling that they should wait another week. The next week, the Dr. found LIFE! Thank God for their willingness to wait and trust in God!


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