Saturday, January 22, 2011

38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade...Sadness

I have no urge to cause division, but know how destructive abortion is, not just in the death of a baby, but to many of the women that buy into the lie that their child is "just a piece of tissue".

I've heard story of story of women saying they didn't know until it was too late. The horrific truth is that many don't realize not only what abortion is, but how it originated with a woman who firmly believed in eugenics (weeding out those considered lesser).

I had the heart rending opportunity to be friends with a man who, after at least ten years, still broke into tears over a decision that he and his wife made (as teens) to abort their child.

We need to all be stepping up and helping those who feel they have no other alternative. We need to be sharing with them life through our Savior. We need to be physically and emotionally supporting them.

We also need to be loving and supporting those broken over the death of their child. Many don't realize that they have caused the death of their baby until it's too late. They've bought into lies and God is the only one who can bring healing.

This breaks my heart.

I'm going to post a link to a video. This is a video that made me sick to my stomach. It made my eyes fill with tears. It is EXTREMEMLY graphic. I hate it.

There is no question though, once this video is viewed, at the viciousness of abortion...everyone is hurt and death is the result.

The Reality of Abortion

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  1. If only it was always that simple. I know women who have had terminations due to the baby being incompatible with life-ie no kidneys, no brain, those who have terminated because of special needs-downs syndrome, dwarfism and those who feel that is not the right time for a baby. it is NEVER taken lightly but very few of these women regret their decision. I don't know what I would do in their circumstances but do believe Christian families who adopt special needs babies to say YES WE WANT YOUR BABY would help.
    But interested in your opinion in if the baby is incompatible with life? Should the Mama go through another 4 months of a pregnancy where the baby WILL NOT live as no kidneys or brain? What then? This happened to a fellow colleague last week (20 weeks pregnant, Potters Syndrome) and had to abort.

  2. I am so thankful for your thoughtful comment. I do ache so much for these decisions that are made and for the mothers whose hearts are breaking themselves. I have tears in my eyes (yep, maybe I'm a little emotional when I think of how their hearts are torn.

    I do think differently though I completely understand what you're saying. I have seen the diagnoses of "not compatible with life". The child had no brain. The parents decided to have their child and God performed a miracle. The child, with no brain, had enough communication (somehow...I don't understand all the medical things) to be able to have some part of life. He was never what is considered normal, but did have the ability of some communication (to a degree).

    I think that some children are born not only to teach us as humans, compassion, but to teach us to grow. Their blessing on this earth goes beyond their heart beating.

    When doctors render a diagnoses, I think that is when we need to realize that God is bigger than any diagnoses. His miracles are astounding. There are times where God will not answer what we want, but then again, He has a greater plan for the situation.

    I think it is not for us to determine the value of life, whether God will perform a miracle, or whether hearts will be broken but grow in a way that we (as mere humans) cannot understand.

    I do believe that doctors are wonderful and there for a reason, but that (many of them will admit) they don't know why a life that they felt wasn't compatible with outside the womb became compatible. They don't know why a cancer disappears or a person that they felt would have little brain function is now teaching at a major college. They can't explain God.

    I do ache for the mothers. I do. I just also believe each little one has a purpose, even if it's so painful and shattering and growing us in a way we don't want to.

    Close friends of ours knew that the doctors said that their little one wouldn't live very long once born. They had their daughter and she lived three blessed days. They heald her and never regretted their desision.

    I do understand the pain. I just think we are not told that their will not be pain, horrific pain in life. That their will not be trials. It's awful, truly awful, and though I understand what you are saying, I don't think abortion is the answer. Though I do have compassion in the pain, I don't think abortion is the answer.

    I think some children are born in the womb to die, but then we all are born to die...just as Christ was.

  3. Oh Kat--that video. Sometimes I am just too horrified for tears. . .

    And I really appreciate your response to anonymous. I especially agree that we aren't promised an easy life without pain, and we're all born to die. Good insight there in difficult and heart rending challenges of life.

  4. Some of the insight came from my wonderful husband (smile). I wish my spelling Spell check is my friend.

    This makes my heart so sad...for all involved.


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