Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heart Touching Video of Our Friend's Journey to Family

God has led us through quite a journey. Before the twins came home He led us out of the Church where we were at. He told us He had another home for us. Seriously hard, but MANY blessings through the journey.

One day we visited a Church where the past head of our adoption agency attended (Shout out to Susan!). She hugged me and said, "Kat, you have to meet Donna! They JUST brought home their sweet little girl from China." Donna and I started talking (and went out to coffee).

She went to the same University I did. She knew some of the same people I did (actually one of my best friends). SHE CAME TO A MOVIE NIGHT IN MY APARTMENT!!!! I had met her BEFORE I had met my husband.

This world is very very small. Her family supported us as we raised funds to bring our twins home (both emotionally and physically). They have been such a blessing to our family!

Now this video is very personal to me and close to my heart. I LOVE their girls...seriously. This one brought the tears....

It's been a year, but it seems like yesterday.

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