Monday, December 13, 2010

A Gift I Didn't Know I Needed...Memorial Box Monday

What is a Memorial Box? A Memorial Box is a way to remember what God has done for us. It's so easy to forget. Think about the Israelites.

You place a item on a shelf or set of shelves (your Memorial Box) dedicated to remembering these remembering what God has done. When the times get hard, you have a visual reminder that God is there, loving you, holding you, very active in your life.

Right now I'm having a hard time writing a "Memorial Box Monday" post. God has done so much for me that I have a hard time catching my breath. I don't deserve even half the blessings He's given me.

Please don't think I'm sitting here downing myself, any of us deserve the mercy and blessings showered on us? It takes my breath away.

God has given me EVERY desire of my heart. The deepest most passionate wishes and dreams. He may give them to me in ways that I don't expect or see at the time...but given them He has.

Sometimes He gives me something I don't even know I a friend.

When my husband was in the military, we lived on a little base in the middle of the sweltering hot desert. In this little "L" shaped house we lived. We actually lived on only one side of the "L" with another family in the other half. It was empty for a bit. But now I'm getting ahead of myself....

My dad was dying. He was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis when I was only 24 years old. His lungs basically hardened, slowly suffocating him. We knew he was dying, but we didn't know how long he had.

Meanwhile, with two beautiful children and a husband at my side, my 24 year old back gave out.

When I had to have help crawling to the bathroom, I knew there was a problem. I had two herniated discs in my back that no steroid shot in the spine could alleviate. The answer was surgery, a very successful one.

That's when the calls started. Every time my husband would leave the house, someone would call and not say a word. Every day my husband's truck was at the shop and he was finally able to see that someone was watching. It was nerve wracking. They even knew when he was sent away to training and such and the calls would accelerate. The MP's were limited (at the time) and the number was blocked. We basically had to live with it.

As we were going through these things the cleaning people arrived. They were hired to clean and paint the house attached to ours to get ready for a new family. After our last neighbors, we were a little concerned.

Funnily, the cleaning crew threw a bunch of beer bottles in our front bushes and our new neighbors were really worried about us too. They were afraid that they just got the "party" neighbors. Okay, if you knew us this really was funny.

As they were moving in and we stopped by to introduce ourselves, I noticed something weird. They had the same cushions on the couch only in a different color. They had the same glider swing in their back yard. Their bathroom was EXACTLY the same as ours. Huh?

It took awhile for me to realize it, but God gave me the spiritual sister I needed to face what was to happen in the following years we had left at the base. I just didn't know I needed her.

My father died. My best friend through my growing up years (who lived in my home town) shattered me, our friendship beyond repair (not forgiveness, but repair). A close family member committed suicide.

Yet Michelle, my "worried we were partiers" neighbor, was there every step of the way. When I messed up, she was still there, and to this day...if I need her...she is there.

You see, God often gives us what we need before we know we know we need it. So many times I've written about answered prayers.

Today I wanted to remind everyone that God is there...loving, blessing, and providing even when we don't ask AND we don't know we even need it OR desire it.

God is there...period.

So when you feel like you can't take anymore and the calamities seem to be rolling like waves, He is there to see you through.

He will provide a way to get through it even without you asking Him. Whether it be financially, changing others (or our own) hearts, or giving us something simple (and irreplaceable) like friendship. God provides.

May you see God's love for you tonight. He loves you passionately. His love is ALWAYS there, we just have to see it.

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:26


My husband and I, right now, are asking for a direct answer from God. We are asking for something so clear that neither of us can miss it.

We, at times, get so blinded by every day life, that we may not give the attention to the things God's telling us. This is a very specific situation. I don't feel I'm supposed to share all the details yet.

Depending on the answer, it may change more than just our lives.

If you have a moment (or many :)), can you pray with us. Can you pray for direct guidance, that we may clearly see God's answer. Thank you my friends....


  1. hi Kat, it's really beautiful, the way you shared about our Lord giving you what you needed, a friend to be with you. He is so good :)

    Yes will be praying for you and your husband to receive clear guidance and direction in a way that you know it is from Him. :) It will be awesome when that happens! :)

  2. Love this post! God is SO GOOD--always meeting our every need. What a wonderful post and reminder for me this week!

    And I will be praying for direction for your family--and God's perfect will. {hug}


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