Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Epiphany...The Bomb Squad

If you haven't read "The Barbs, The Bombs, The Attacks (Praising God!)" then this post may not make a ton of sense.

This is such an afterthought, but I thought it was interesting (at least in my own little

When thinking through everything that satan was throwing at us, I had forgotten about the Bomb Squad.

Delays (causing frustration) are one of satan's specialties. If he thinks he can tick you off because someone took your parking space, a light refuses to turn green, or the Bomb Squad stops you from being on time...he will.

Wait, did you say the "Bomb Squad"? Yep, I sure did.

When driving to our very brave friends house (after all, she invited a family of nine over) a police officer walked out into the highway right in front of us.

We were the first in a long line of vehicles and in the lane closest to the...wait, did that truck say "Bomb Squad"?

In my 39 years, I have never even seen an actual Bomb Squad. I can now check it off our list. We were in the middle of a bomb scare and out came a man in head to toe gear. Wow, what a sight!

This got me thinking. Who is our bomb squad, dismantling the intricate wiring of explosives satan throws in our lives?

God? YES, absolutely!!!! Praise Him!

He has also given us an amazing team of support though.

So this is my mini epiphany my friends, you are part of my Bomb Squad. We are part of each others Bomb Squads. God has given each of us the ability to plead and petition on each others behalf. HE dismantles the bombs, but He gave us team members that can rush to each others aid as well.

This is a thank you to my Bomb Squad. We're a team, a strong and hard working unit.

God, my maker, my redeemer, thank you for the encouragers you've brought into our lives. Thank you for dismantling the most grisly bombs thrown at us. Thank you Lord for giving us warriors to stand beside us while you do.

"First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world. God, whom I serve in my spirit in preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness how constantly I remember you" Romans 1:8-9


Prayer Requests:

*Rolando and Julia (Guatemala-It has been over five years.), AND Junior and Diamoh (Liberia) to be able to finally come home to their families and that these countries open to legitimate adoptions.
*Renae-For the continued transition of their sweet family. Their daughter joined their family this year!
*Daniel (Liberia) and Jeremiah (Taiwan)- for their continued health issues. God's blessings and Hand on them and their families.
*Our friend's (unnamed, God knows) foster son, his family, and all who will make or influence decisions on his behalf that God's will be done in every aspect of his life.

Personal Prayer Requests:

*My husband and I, right now, are asking for a direct answer from God. We are asking for something so clear that neither of us can miss it. This is a very specific situation. We don't feel we're supposed to share all the details yet. Depending on the answer, it may change more than just our lives. If you have a moment (or many :)), can you pray with us. Can you pray for direct guidance and God's provision (there is a serious financial aspect involved too), that we may clearly see God's answer and be able to act immediately.

*We also ask that you join us in prayer for wisdom and guidance (that we can bring God the most glory) in the career field. We're limited in what we can share, but feel pressed on to pray about both these prayer requests and God knows exactly what we're asking.

*Last, we ask that you pray protection against satan's barbs. Thank you.


  1. Amen sista! Glad to be on God's bomb squad with you!

    Hope everything was okay

  2. Wow! And know what? After I read your last post about Satan's barbs and such, we got Tyrell's birth certificate in the mail--with the wrong name on it!!! I just laughed. I knew exactly what was going on! ;) Thanks for the encouragement.


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