Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adult Adoptee Speaks About Life on the Street and God's Redemptive Power

It'll take twenty-four minutes, please find time in your day. Sit down and find a comfortable place.

This is important to view, not only as an adoptive parent or adoptee, but as a child of God.

Stephanie Fast, an adult adoptee from Korea, speaks....

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit 2010 from Kristen Munson on Vimeo.


  1. saving this to watch when i get home with speakers and sending it on to a friend who would love to watch also.

    and - holy tarnation it was exciting to see you comment on my ninevah blog - i read you every day and think youre pretty awesome kat!

  2. I LOVED your Nineveh blog and you are too nice. It's always crazy here and I know some of my blogs are too...hee hee. Big Hugs and thank you for the smile today!


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