Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ukrainian Government Moratorium on Adoptions

I just found that the Ukrainian government may put a moratorium on all international adoptions until new adoption laws are in place. This (if we use other countries as an example) may take years. Some children may not have years. The vote is soon. If the new law is passed, all international adoptions will cease. Children will remain in institutions instead of their parents arms.

Obviously, we want adoption to be ethical and legal and revamping laws is not a bad thing. There is just another way to do it. They have the ability to keep adoption open while the new laws are being written and implemented.

We are fighting for our sweet little ones my friends. They are OUR responsibility. They have no one else.

satan (lack of capitalization is purposeful) doesn't want our children to hear about Jesus.

he doesn't want these children to rest in places of love.

With God on our side, we know who wins. Let's be champions for the fatherless...

To read more and find out how you can help, please click on the link below...and pray.
"Their Lives Depend On It"

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Your family is beautiful.
    I had read about this moratorium at another friends blog. It is so sad for those precious children. My heart broke when Viet. shut down. So many children left!
    We continue to pray!


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