Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Mother-In-Love

*Forgive the fact that this post says Wednesday, November 24th. We finished writing this post and recording the video today (Thursday the 25th). Blogger just shows the day I started it. Don't worry, I'm not losing my mind...I know Wednesday was not Thanksgiving.

Why does everyone in my family laugh when I say I'm not losing my mind?

Today is Thanksgiving. It didn't feel like the holidays were hitting until my husband pulled up to the curb in front of our house, break officially started. The kids ran out screaming. Let me tell you, I was SOOOOO thankful he was home.

Okay, that sounded bad (mischievous grin), but really...I love my husband and kids and always try to cherish every second God gives us together. It was just so nice to know break actually started.

I could list about a million things God has given me to be thankful for. His Son would trump them all. Yet, is a special day. Today my husband's mom was born. We had hoped to be able to travel up to see her today. Unfortunately, our pocket book said otherwise.

She's had quite a year. You'll remember the constant prayer requests as she suffered a stroke. I don't remember either of us being that scared. She is GREATLY loved in our household.

I feel bad sometimes. I (personally) don't call enough. I get so caught up in every day life, that I keep on saying, "Tomorrow". Yet, we know in this life tomorrow isn't always there. I wish we visited more. We've suffered so much illness, that she has only met the twins once thus far. I'm not near what she deserves in a daughter-in-law.

My mother-n-law, Carolyn, has an amazing heart. She loves her kids and grand kids more than most can imagine. She raised my husband to have tenderness (he'll probably give a Tim Allen grunt when he reads that) and compassion. I will be forever thankful for the gift of my husband. She did something right and I hope I can give an inkling of that to my kids.

Without further ado, here is a message from my kids (and family) to their Memaw.
Mom-In-Love, we love you. May your birthday be full of blessings from above. We wish we could be there to hug you.

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