Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopping for Dube Bute and A New Adoption T-Shirt

Some of you may have seen an earlier blog about an opportunity to make a difference called "Hope for Dube Bute". It's amazing to me, the thought of changing the lives of a whole village living in poverty.

God is using this family to create an opportunity to bring health and healing to a VILLAGE! Think of the number of orphans that will NOT be created. Wow, it's humbling to see God work through this.

Apparently "Hope for Dube Bute" now has a one stop shop. I'm drooling a little over the HOPE necklace and the Military Hat. We can't currently afford it, but (hint) you may eventually see them on a giveaway here when funds are more fluid (okay, when funds are there at all :)). Check it out!!!
"Bow in the Clouds Gifts"

I also wanted to share with you about an adoption fundraiser. I was blessed to meet this adoptive family as they were deciding to start their amazing journey. They are selling t-shirts for their adoption and I LOVE LOVE LOVE one specifically. Look for the missing letters and you can guess which one :). Check out these cute t-shirts that are helping to bring their family together!
"Adoption T-Shirts".

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  1. I love the ideas I've seen around of doing Christmas shopping from adoption fundraisers!! I've got a pair of the wide ruffle pants (http://flitterbugs.blogspot.com/) on Kiana's Christmas list!! Gonna have to check out your tips!


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