Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Ways To Shop With A Purpose

I was reminded yesterday (on the blog "Our Journey to Baby Boz") of a major brain hiccup. On "A Place Called Simplicity" there is a post with MANY links to items you can purchase that will make a difference beyond the purchase itself. Check it out!

"Shoppin' With A Purpose"
Please also keep Linny's (from "A Place Called Simplicity" husband in your prayers. He was in an accident yesterday and, though he's actually home, it was a miracle he survived. Also, please keep her mother in your prayers as well.

FINALLY, there are some ADORABLE dolls and t-shirts that are being sold to benefit the Young family's adoption. Seriously cute! They are almost to their goal and could used continued support. I am IN LOVE with the dolls! Find it here!
"Some Youngs"

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