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Shopping With A Purpose (Updated March 2011)

Often we forget the power of our purchases. What we buy can sometimes reflect what we support. This is a WONDERFUL way to support those in need. Some are raising funds for adoptions and some are supporting WONDERFUL causes. Though I hope to keep these updated, please forgive me if some links are no longer valid. With seven (soon to be eight) children, it's getting harder to spend much time sifting through which families have brought their children home and which products are still being offered. What I hope to do is go through these a couple of times a year. Many of these are still up and running and I actually hope to add more soon. If you are fund raising, don't hesitate to let me know. I am going to start putting the date that each is added after each link. Let me know if a link is no longer necessary!

Have a blessed time shopping and know you are blessing others through your purchases!

(1)The Lowery family is using "Just Love Coffee" to help fund their adoption. For every item sold they receive $5 toward their adoption. They also have a "Just Love" Beanie that would be awesome for a teen (and finding things for teen boys is NOT always easy).- "Just Love Coffee-The Lowerys" Added 11/10

(2) A candle holder (with candle) that has a child's hand print pressed into it. Each candle sold will feed a child for a week. Signals catalog is working in conjunction with the Christian Organization "Rice Bowls".-"Signals" Added 11/10

(3)Tom's shoes-With every pair of shoes you purchase, Toms will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.-"Toms Shoes" Added 11/10

(4)A blog with many links to places where you can shop with a purpose-"Shoppin' With A Purpose"-There are links to 43 sites where you can make a difference with your purchases. Added 11/10

(5)Dolls and T-Shirts to benefit the Young family adoption-"Some Youngs" Added 11/10

(6)Coffee Tumbler, T-Shirts, and Ornaments-Ordinary Hero-"Ordinary Hero Blog" Added 11/10

(7)Scentsy Buddies-Benefiting the Creveling family adoption-Just order from this site and email the owner (Click the "Contact" tab) and let them know it's for the Creveling's adoption!"The Creveling's Adoption-Scentsy Buddy" Added 11/10

(8)AHOPE Store (Closing Soon)-AHOPE for children has an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia specifically for HIV positive children."The AHOPE Store" Added 11/10

(9)"Hope for Dube Bute".-Changing the lives of a whole village living in poverty in Ethiopia. They have a new store."Bow in the Clouds Gifts" Added 11/10

(10)Adoption T-Shirts and other products-Benefiting the Horne family adoption-"Adoption T-Shirts" Added 11/10

(11)Selling multi-cultural dolls to help orphans-"A Doll's Heart" Added 11/10

(12)Album to raise money for family adopting from Ethiopia-"Benji Goodrich". Added 11/10

(13)50% of all proceeds from these natural skin and hair products go to one of three Ethiopian charities-"Give All for Love". Added 11/10

(14)This is a neat blog that has some other cool links to help adoptive families and/or links to help promote adoption."The Wayfarer:Ethiopian Adoption Resource Blog". Added 11/10

(15)A Christian News Blog with many more ways to shop with a purpose."Cyber Monday: Give scarfs, greeting cards, coffee or chickens for Christmas (Updated)". Added 11/10

(16)A Christmas Ornament sold to raise money for Judah (a very sick infant in Ethiopia)"Baby Judah-Ethiopian Handmade Coffee Bean Ornament". Please continue to raise up baby Judah in prayer. He has Hydrocephalus and needs to come to the U.S. for treatment. Added 11/10

(17)Target-Heart 4 Hearts Dolls- Part of proceeds raise funds for children's causes in the countries the dolls symbolize (through World Vision)."Target-Hearts 4 Hearts Doll". Added 11/10

(18)A beautiful necklace sold by the "We Heart Ethiopia" blog raising funds for girls as they age out of Kechene Orphanage in Ethiopia."We Heart Ethiopia-Kechene OTO Charm Necklace is HERE!". Added 11/10

(19)The Varn family is raising money for their blessing coming from China. They have both a place to purchase cute items (new being added) and a Dossier Prep and Fundraising Consultant business.- "Cori's List-Shop Raising Money for Adoption"
"Dossier Prep and Fundraising Consultant". Added 11/10

(20)Show Hope Store-Proceeds from all products go toward helping some of the most vulnerable children.
"Show Hope Store". Added 11/10

(21)Roma Boots-For each purchased, a pair will be donated to those in need.
"Roma Boots". Added 11/10

So many options and such a way to make a difference in a life. If you have any more sites that will make a difference, feel free to post them in the comments section and I will add them in the future!



  1. With each doll we sell we are always helping orphans. Our link is

    Thanks so much!


  2. I think this is a great thing you are doing for all of God's children!

  3. What a great idea! If you like piano music, my husband just released his 3rd album to raise money for our adoption of a little girl from Ethiopia. His web address is:

    Thanks for your support!

  4. I posted a list on my blog with a similar theme just a few weeks ago. There are several other ideas on it. A lot of jewelry and scrapbooks, etc.
    The Wayfarer at


  5. Gladney has a program called "On Their Own" for girls who have aged out of the government orphanage. An adoptive mom is selling necklaces at her blog Proceeds will go to these programs that provide life skills and jobs for the girls.

  6. Gladney has a program called "On Their Own" for the older girls who age out of Kechene Orphanage. A Gladney adoptive mom is also selling a necklace to help these girls. Her blog is

  7. Can you please add me to your list. We are adopting a SN little girl from China.

    My sites are (like craigslist but better)

    and: Dossier Prep and Fundraising Consulting

  8. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. always asks for donations as gifts (and we send out acknowledgment cards) but we also sell beautiful cards, with art made by the girls of Children's Heaven as well as Ethiopian children adopted here in the states. The cards make perfect gifts.


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