Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Kat" apulting into Thanksgiving

My bro was working on Thursday, so we decided to have our Thanksgiving celebration today instead. After all, the major emphasis we usually put on Thanksgiving is...well, giving thanks to God for all we have. Family is a big part of that!

This Thanksgiving has the added benefit of being the first one with Rach and Gabe... a definite "Amen!" there. God has been so amazingly good to us!

Here is a little peek into our Thanksgiving celebration in all it's fun and craziness!

We had a blessed night with our family (including my mom and bro, but they may kill me if I post pics of them though).

When going around the table our two oldest teens said that they were thankful that God loves us even when we blow it. They said it a little more profound than that, but you get the gist.

We all fall short, and at this time of year it's easy to focus on everything but what we need to be. I too am thankful that in my boundless blunders of sin, amazing Heavenly Father...forgives me. God's gifts amaze me.

Thank you God. Thank you for being the great I AM.


  1. I love the way our kids can share such profound thoughts! Amen!!!

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Your family certainly did have many reasons to give God thanks this year. What a joy it must have been to have Rachel and Gabe at your table.

    Much Love,


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