Friday, November 12, 2010

Depersonalizing the Orphan...

Logically we know there are orphans, there are those starving (even in our own neighborhoods), and abused. We see it on the news. We cry with the programs. We then proceed to go on with daily life.

I'm not saying that is ALWAYS a bad thing, but a coping mechanism. At times we struggle with the enormity of need out there. If every minute of our day we faced the scope of the issues facing our world, well....I think we would start to crumble.

There are times it can all be overwhelming. I left Ethiopia (after our most recent trip) with exactly that feeling.

It may be easy for some to forget these orphans...children.... that appear on television are real though, not just statistics. It can be desensitizing, for some, when faced with the abundance of need.

I wonder what a different climate it would be if everyone had what some call "statistics" in our lives daily. What if each of us came into contact with one child each day that we knew would wake up to no one taking care of them or caring about them? What if we came into contact with a family wasting away from starvation and orphans being created? I truly believe life would be different.

That's why I think we need to watch videos like the following. We need to remember that the different life God may have for them may come through the opening of our hearts. Our giving up ideas that we cling to (about family size, finances, etc.) and giving into the blessings God has in store. Whether it's through adoption, helping someone else adopt, or just being's time we give it up. These are the faces of orphans.

The last video was shown to me on Shonya's beautiful blog "Learning How Much I Don't Know"

I've posted this video before. It touches me so much though and it's perfect for this post. It's a song by children that are orphans no more.

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