Monday, October 25, 2010

Which Ones Are Your REAL Children?

"They all are."
"None of them, they are all made out of Gummy Bears."

Okay, I will admit that the second response may not be the most kind. I have only contemplated using that one (smile).

Unfortunately,a sensitivity fairy doesn't magically appear upon adoption. There will always be insensitive people. Most are not trying to be cruel or mean. Most will correct themselves when they see their insensitivity. They just truly don't think....

God shows us our children by birth or adoption....we just bring them home. We are family, very real, very blessed.

In answer to the question, "Which Ones Are Your REAL Children?"

"All of them....and maybe some I haven't met yet."


  1. the gummy bear response is the best i heard yet!! i HAVE to try that one!

  2. Good thoughts. I have many times contemplated (and have started the draft) writing a post entitled "what not to say". I don't want to sound hateful, though, for I really think it's about insensitivity (like you said) and simple ignorance. If we educate people, they are happy and willing to learn. I would just want to educated kindly without offending anyone, and you have done that well.

  3. I like your choice of responses. :D It's a weird question, and I suppose whatever answer you give would just have to do.


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