Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank You, Prayer Requests

So many of you have held us up in prayer. There is NO way to say thank you.

Many have donated money for supplies to donate on our trip. They made it to A Hope (and to God's precious children throughout Ethiopia) and they mean so much. I have kept your info to someday get out thank you notes. Until then, please know that we are so thankful for you (from the bottom of our hearts).

Every comment on this blog has been read and cherished. So many I meant to reply to (I have a list scrolling through my head). You mean so much. For those who have asked to share our blog. Always feel free. Your blogs often have brought such encouragement to me and I've always thought of us all as neighbors on a very big block. If a cup of sugar (or a blog) needs to be borrowed, it's yours. For those who have asked for have them, even if I haven't been able to tell you.

I haven't posted prayer requests in so long. You have all done so much...I do have some new ones though. They really aren't flippant, but prayers that are greatly needed. Thank you all again...for your love and encouragement. I am gathering a list of prayers that I will be posting for others...ones that I can share. In the meantime...again, thank you.

Prayer Requests
*Please pray for Gabe and Rachel as they recover from the life they lived before. Please pray for their health, transitioning, and attachment.
*Please pray for us. Please pray that we can be the parents that we need to be...loving, patient, peaceful, not easily angered or frustrated.
*Please pray for us financially. We have made it through this adoption without any loans or credit cards. God has blessed us. For the next few months we have some financial obligations that we are unsure of how to meet, but are confident in God's provisions.

Prayers for Others: Just the beginning of the list...
*Please continue to pray for Abby Riggs, Tatum, and Elke....little girls with Leukemia.
*Please pray for Daniel who has hydrocephalus and has made it home from Liberia. Also for Junior and Diamoh (Liberia), that they may come home to join Daniel in this precious family.
*Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala). Their adoption has gone on for five years and lets pray this is the year they come home to their forever family.
*Please pray for Renae and her family as they also journey through the transition and attachment journey.
*Please pray for Eliz as their family adopts to precious (seriously cute) little ones with special needs. Please pray paperwork gets processed quickly and they come home soon!
*Please pray for Linny, one of my bloggy friends, who is facing some very serious health issues.
*Please pray for Jeremiah, a little one who came home from Tiawan two months ago, and has very serious CP.

Shonya and family have brought their newborn blessing home through the joy of adoption!

There are so many more prayer requests for others. With the twins awake I just don't have time to type any more. I hope to type them up in the next couple of days and share the needs of our brothers and sisters with you.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" Psalm 37:4

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  1. Thank you for lifting us up Kat:)! Please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers as well!! ALWAYS! You're a special bloggy friend for sure:)!


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