Sunday, August 8, 2010

High Fever, Antibiotics, Firsts, and Stampeding Baboons

So I'm setting here coughing, feverish, and on antibiotics...this thing is holding on FOREVER. Yet, here I am blogging...because I have time to!

I will look at the upside. I can blog and I (wait for it, this is big one) can READ A BOOK!!! Just finished reading "Son of Hamas". Really eye opening...

Just an quick "Yea!". Rachel, for the first time, aimed her legs (her weakest part) at pant legs and straighten her legs as I was putting them on her. It was like dressing a newborn for SO long. Just a cool thing I thought I'd share.

I am holding out a bucket right now (via my last post Thought of the Day) and praying for health, finances (financial stuff impending quickly), and of course well as many of you. Bucket does not equal vomit this time. That's a good thing (smile).

Yet, I felt it was time for proof. Proof that indeed Baboons do stampede. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and the videos are VERY VERY short because I kept thinking, "Am I really seeing this?". I will chalk this up on my list of things that are rarer going a minute without laughter in our house.

You may remember me writing of Bisy (Bisrat) and how he said someone was probably chasing them. He did as a boy. I asked him if his mother knew? What to you think his answer was? LOL

Yes, I do point out that those are baboons and sound VERY intelligent (and congested) in the video.

Yes...those are baboons....


  1. I'm sorry you're sick:(...praying for a speedy recovery and a VERY FULL bucket;)! And yaaaaayyy Rachel!

  2. Oh I hope you'll feel better soon. Plz get plenty of rest that you need.

    That's really great that Rachel's legs are growing stronger :D


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