Sunday, July 4, 2010

Update, Health, and More Coming

Just wanted to update you on the twins, our health, and why we've replied to almost nothing since we flew in yesterday....

Here's a brief rundown....
Rachel-For days she's been on nothing but liquids. Every time we tried solids she would try to throw up. This had us seriously concerned. Saturday morning she started to eat. She won't eat baby food, we think she's related it too vomiting and sickness. She will eat small pieces of tortilla, pancakes, and bread. We are all celebrating. She's a very serious little girl right now though. She's overwhelmed and has no wish to smile. We've ALMOST got her to smile since home, but she's not quite there. She wants mommy a ton, which is a good sign. She smiled and giggled in Ethiopia, so we know she will get there again.

Gabe-His mosquito bites are finally healing! They are not raised and red and, though they may leave some scarring initially, he is looking SOOOO very much better. We don't believe they are hurting as much and that is a BIG celebration! He seems to LOVE the attention and siblings. He's crawling, exploring, and in general SO very happy. When he wakes at night he tends to fight sleep more, but he is doing so good.

What we still hope to see....
We want to see the little ones reaching for us more. We want to see stranger anxiety developing to some extent (when they are passed to strangers, they want us). These are just good attachment signs. We would also like to see Rachel using her muscles more.

They are WAY beyond the schedule we had in our minds and we aren't worried, but these are things we long to see.

Update on Us:
Thomas- Doing good,but exhausted and trying to catch up with work at night.
Kat-My eyes Saturday and today looked like some kind of warped Vampire. All the whites were blood red and my eyelids were swollen. As of tonight they are MUCH better...I can see some white again! if my body could feel rested, I'd be doing my own happy dance.
Tom and Sarah-Both tired, Sarah still doesn't feel great, but they are both recovering from the flight home. Tom made it to Church this morning with Grandma and Anna!

Thanks friends for your continued prayers, meals, and love....we will reply to emails and facebook messages, but right now we are taking every moment to rest before Thomas goes back to work. We look forward to talking with you and getting back into real life...not that this wasn't the most real it's ever been.

There is so much more I will write, so much more to say and share about this amazing journey. There is much more coming, but right now I'm just wiped out. Hopefully in the next days I will start to process things. More will come....


  1. I figured you were a little overwhelmed right now in getting everything situated. Let me know when you are up to visit, however far away that is, and we'll get together. Until then, I'm praying for all of you and so very happy for you!

  2. Congrats on being Home!! Sorry I missed it. We are on day 19 of icu. Came straight I to hosp once home. I want to see a picture of you and the twins!!!

  3. WELCOME HOME!!!! So tired just reading about your trip home, but so encouraged by your perspective! Praying that I can borrow it when it is our turn on the 16 hr flight. :)

  4. Oh Kat,

    How I wish I lived close and could bring you a meal or watch your kids so you could take a long, long, nap. Praise God you're home safely and Rachel and Gabe have a family forever.

    I'm so glad they are attaching already. I will pray that healing continues in their bodies and in their spirits.

    God bless you and your sweet family!

    Much Love,


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