Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health Update-Rachel

As many of you know, we've been waiting (since we took custody of Rachel)to find out what is wrong with her hips. There were two main schools of thought by her doctors. The first was by her hips flexibility (can go beyond splits) was due to extreme neglect. The second was that she was a breech birth. When you lift her above the floor she fails to put her legs down, instead bending them up and outward.

We got the results of her x-rays today. Her hips look really good. She was extremely neglected and that caused the muscle issues. We are very SERIOUSLY happy. The thought of surgery is nerve wracking for any parent. Yet this brings home to a greater degree how our children suffered.

We are rejoicing that our daughters hips were fine and so thankful that they are home to get the love and attention they need.

We ache for the other children still laying in those cribs.


  1. Thank you jesus!! here in our state easter seals provides great therapist for FREE...hopefully you'll be able to find one soon!

  2. OH that sounds so scary-so glad for the good report! By the way, I "borrowed" some of your prayer requests for your trip for our trip-will post them soon. just wanted to let you know I appreciated your words to pray over you guys when it was your turn and would covet the same now that it's ours!

  3. What wonderful news. And so so sad how it happened....

  4. Oh, praise God that she won't need surgery. Will that basically mean lots of therapy then? I can just imagine how your heart aches for those left behind.

  5. Praising God surgery isn't needed! Yet broken hearted at why this is.


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