Thursday, June 3, 2010

He Will Always Be Older Than Me....

This month brought a massive gift to me...39 years ago. This month brought me a warm harbor of my life. This month brought me my husband. In June MANY years ago my husband was born and, with joy, I announce that he will always be older than me.

My life has been an adventure since we met. From breaking that mirror the first time we got together (we thought it meant seven years bad luck, and it actually meant seven children), to living in a foreign country, to a winding path to a big beautiful family. We've gone through a lot and laughed through even more. There is just no one like him that can make me laugh so hard that I literally lose the ability to breath. (God blessed me the day you were born honey...BIG TIME!)

He is the man of my dreams (though he will say I have some pretty warped dreams :)).

The verse that has come to the forefront as we adopt the twins is also appropriate when I think of my crazy other half.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Notes from our kids about their daddy....
Tom(15)-Why my dad is awesome: (1) He makes the best barbecue on the planet, (2) It is awesome to watch him laugh (ask him about Kung Fu Panda), (3) He is a tough dad who has to deal with my attitude at times (which I still do not know how he does it) and works for his hard-earned paycheck to support his family. I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees his third son and his fourth daughter (at least I think [and hope] its only the fourth) I love him and wish him the best of birthdays.
Sarah(13)-Facts about my dad: Fact #1, My dad is the BEST dad in the world. He cares for us and puts others above himself all the time. Either when we have a bad day or are just feeling down, he is always there to comfort us and help us in any way he can. Fact #2, He is the FUNNIEST dad in the world. The jokes he makes up in five seconds would normally take me five hours. In one way or another, he is always making us laugh. Fact #3, He is an AWESOME Christian father. He works hard to make sure we try to follow God in everything. It is obvious to us that he puts God first in everything.
Anna(9)-My daddy is a great and strong Daddy. He is the best Daddy in the WHOLE WORLD! He makes all of us laugh by telling silly jokes and stories (and laughing through Kung Fu Panda). He also makes the BEST BBQ EVER!!!! I love him A LOT!!!!
Max(7)-I love my daddy. He helps me learn about God. He loves me.
Bekah(4)-I love my daddy. He is so strong and loves all of us. He does silly dances that make me laugh. He tickles me and lets me watch Tinker Bell. Sometimes I get to go to his work with Him.
Gabe and Rachel (9 months)- Though they have yet to meet their daddy, I don't doubt the love that they will pour on him. He's impossible not to love :). I cannot wait (just as Tom) to see the moment he holds Rachel and Gabe for the first time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN WHO MAKES MY HEART BEAT FASTER (though at times it's because I'm running from a Nerf gun).

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  1. How wonderful this post was. Happy Be-lated Birthday Hubby!
    Your wife and children love you very much and say it so proudly. God bless you always.


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