Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I Learned This Week...

*Frogs that are said to live up to five years, only live 4 months in our house. Is it sad that our kids asked if we could use them for frog legs? (Okay, little queasy now)

*That a "broke" cat (again, husband says we're not "fixing" him, we're "breaking" him) does not necessarily stop marking their territory. Plug anyone?

*That I'm not sure which is better, to have PMS or be collateral damage in a PMS "event"?

*That the city can actually look inside your spare/unused side yard and tell you that your weeds are too high under the broken trampoline (next to the broken dish washer). I'm now waiting for them to look in my house and say, "That is WAYYYY too clean." (Stop laughing)

*That BBQ sauce is extremely flammable. Just pour it over the logs in your fireplace and crack open the smores!

*That cats taunt dogs and laugh (I know because they told me this). They LOVE to do it at night to cause maximum dog whinage.

* Finally, that the thought of flaming BBQ sauce and frog legs makes me queasy.


  1. Okay, I just had to comment. I think colateral damage from PMS is worse. Too funny.

    We also have frogs with a short life expectancy and had a male cat who was unfixable. They should sell that "plug" at PetsMart. They would make millions.

    Oh, happy belated birthday to your sweet husband!

    Much Love,

  2. I'm LOL over here. Are you a pack rat like me? You can tell the city that they can have your dishwasher and trampline and if they dont' take the gift then it's their problem, not yours. :D hahaa


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