Monday, June 21, 2010

Packing, Braiding, and Waiting Proceeds

Today we are printing off all paperwork, braiding Bekah's hair to last two weeks (takes around four hours), and waiting somewhat patiently for our tickets to arrive by Fed Ex :). We will be leaving in just 1 1/2 days and the babies will be in our arms by Friday!!!! WOO HOO!!! God is good good good!!!!


  1. How exciting! Wish I was there to help you!! (I could maybe braid Bekah's hair--that would be some help wouldn't it?!)

    Can't wait to see the pics of your sweet babes in your arms!!

  2. I wish I could help you, too!

    I hope you have internet service because I don't want to miss any of the wonderful that God has planned for the days ahead.

    May God grant you safety as you travel, peace as you leave your other children behind, and joy for each minute of your journey to bring Rachel and Gabe home.

    Much Love,

  3. I love your blog and am so happy for your family! Safe travels, enjoy Ethiopia....I miss it every day!


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