Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Embassy Date

Okay, we have talked and we have prayed. This was TOTALLY not how we expected this to happen, but isn't that just how God works?! I just have to say, my husband can NEVER trump my birthday gift to embassy date. Actually, it's God's gift, but I will use it just to rub it in a little (evil smile).

Everything, or almost everything, at our agency is done by email. Seriously, we have never needed a call or had one (other than us calling for a quick answer on something). Tonight, just before 5:00 my cell rang. I hear Veggie Tale Larry singing, "Oh where is my cell phone, oh where is my cell phone, oh where oh where oh where oh my cell phone?"

Unfortunately I didn't know where my cell phone was and missed the call. Side note: I think their needs to be a "clapper" for a cell phone. Ya, I know I could call it, but that'd be too easy.

When found, I didn't recognize the number and thought to myself, "With the embassy date due anytime, I better call them back...just in case it is them."

Low and behold...

Our agency called to tell us that on Monday they expected an email from the embassy and felt we could, in confidence, start making plans for an embassy date of Monday, June 28th.

It still feels unreal...totally unreal. In two and a half weeks we will be taking custody of our little ones...our minds are spinning. I can't even think straight. So much to do and all I can think about is holding those little bodies.

Thank you Lord! Thank you Heavenly Father! Thank you for showing us favor....
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Prayer Requests...
*Please pray for the babies, that they are healthy (free from virus, disease, parasites) and strong, being picked up and loved until we arrive. We want to be prepared for every eventuality, but want to pray for the best for our little ones.
*Please pray that God prepares the babies hearts for us, giving them dreams, paving the way in their little lives. Please also pray for their transition, that they attach quickly and immediately see us as their mommy and daddy.
*Please pray for a safe trip, that everything is smooth. That we are able to serve God while we are being blessed so deeply. That we glorify Him in all circumstances.
*Please pray for protection against satan's barbs. We have seen satan throwing everything that he can when a child of God answers THE call....God's call.
*Please pray against all illness and parasites in our journey to Ethiopia.
*Please pray for the biological family, that they know the peace only Christ can give.


  1. YAAAYYY!! So excited for you and praying for everyone's health and safety on your trip:)!

  2. yeah! yeah! yeah! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Overwhelming God's love!! Amazing, and His mercy!! I'm so in awe. You are truly blessed and I will be praying for your little ones, your trip and health. Congrats!

    Cool trick to claim it as a birthday gift to hubby. :D I can see your cheekey grin from here :D So funny.

    I can't say enough how happy I am for you and your family. Love, In Him - Eve


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