Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nesting and Susan Parr Travel

My poor poor family...I'm nesting. What happens when I nest? They clean...we all clean...crazy clean.

The refrigerator is pulled out. The miscellaneous are disappearing. Windowsills are being scrubbed and windows cleaned. My poor poor family....

We are planning for blessing. We have been assured (barring crazy adoption roller coaster stuff) that we will be receiving our embassy date confirmation most likely Monday. This is two weeks exactly before our embassy date. We are almost to the point of travel arrangements...again...seriously....again.

It has been like a big, "Red light!...Green light!...Red Light!" game (if any of you remember that from your childhood). I must say, having the best travel agent we have ever had is a bonus. This is NOT joking. We lived in Germany for three years and away from family for seven. We've traveled across the world many times (including Russia and Ethiopia).

Kari, at Susan Parr travel, has been awesome with my mind loss (seriously friends, last week I lost my mind...what was left of it).

Three years ago, this month, we brought Bekah home from Ethiopia. Guess who our agent was then? Kari. I was so surprised, when I emailed Susan Parr this time, that Kari replied. It felt a little like coming home.

This adoptive journey has been a tad crazy travel wise. We understood that a confirmation would come last Monday (nope). That's completely okay, since we want God's timing above all else! Though this makes it much more difficult for our travel agent....but....she gave us no complaints. She seems to TOTALLY get my insanity and the adoption process.

So, all my bloggy friends, if you don't have an agent...she's awesome! Susan Parr Travel has given us so much comfort, forgiveness for the "Go! No, wait..." that we have put them though and my bazillion (yes, that's a lot) questions.

Just an F.Y.I......

Anyway...time to get back to fluffing (sterilizing) our nest. Can't wait until I'm doing it with a sling on filled with God's blessings.

"Delight your self in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37:4

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