Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Lot of That....Adoption and Toilets....

It is WAY too late for me to be up, but....I am WIDE awake. I wonder why :)?

In a way I have SO much to do and such a short time to do it. Yet we've been planning for awhile and a ton is already done. We have one big shopping trip (or a ton of tiny stuff) left. I have a HUGE list of things to do.

God has worked wonders (through our awesome agent) with our plane tickets. It's EXACTLY (within dollars) of what I originally budgeted for the trip. It's not the airline we're familiar with (Ethiopian Airlines...we usually try to fly Lufthansa), but it's where we are supposed to be.

Funny, I am actually doing almost nothing adoption related tomorrow. I am cleaning and painting our bathroom (how nuts am I?). The bathroom attached to our bedroom (and our closet that is through the bathroom) has been COMPLETELY non-functional for awhile now. The toilet broke (only one in the house) and we only now (through an awesome parent) can replace it. Yes, we will have two toilets, I feel spoiled :). The bathroom and closet became a catch all and I was so excited today to find we still had carpet underneath the clutter. Now if it had been tile I'd have been even more excited (wink wink).

Plane tickets bought-check
Insomnia started-check
Packing not even started-check

Think that's about it!

Well, last but not least...donations! We have now hit just over $400.00 in donations!!! Can you believe that! I'm so excited that we have just almost hit our goal!!!! We actually will be taking the button down Friday morning. I wouldn't have time to receive the transfer and buy the items any later than that, so...see ya later button...we'll been in Africa! Okay, I admit...I'm a little tired (lol).

So my bloggy friends, I will leave you with a picture (OBVIOUSLY non professional) of the baby's wall in our bedroom (the cribs are set up as a headboard almost) and a list of prayer requests.

We are calling the wall the "wall of blessing". Friends/family are dropping by and writing on the hearts OR sending prayers and blessings for the babies. Each heart is unique and from the heart of an individual or family. That was one of those "middle of the night, sit up and bed, light bulb" ideas :).

Guess what verse is written above the hearts? Just guess! :)

*Please pray for the babies, that they are healthy (free from virus, disease, parasites) and strong, being picked up and loved until we arrive. We want to be prepared for every eventuality, but want to pray for the best for our little ones.
*Please pray that God prepares the babies hearts for us, giving them dreams, paving the way in their little lives. Please also pray for their transition, that they attach quickly and immediately see us as their mommy and daddy.
*Please pray for a safe trip, that everything is smooth (no glitches) and that we are brought back together as a family of NINE. That we are able to serve God while we are being blessed so deeply. That we glorify Him in all circumstances.
*Please pray for protection against satan's barbs. We have seen satan throwing everything that he can when a child of God answers THE call....God's call.
*Please pray against all illness and parasites for us as well (Thomas, Kat, Tom, and Sarah). A lot of people are catching viruses and contracting parasites during their trips.
*Please pray for the biological family, that they know the peace only Christ can give.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart." Psalm 37:4


  1. Wooooo hoooo on your confirmed date!!!!! We are out of town with spotty internet and I'm just now reading your news. So so thrilled for you.

    I LOVE the babies' wall of hearts!!! What a wonderful idea. Oh, it makes me smile thinking that soon there will be two precious faces peeking out of those cribs.

    I'm praying for you as you prepare your home and prepare to travel. May God continue to provide all your needs.

    Much Love,

  2. So much to do, but it sounds like you're pretty prepared. I've been praying that your family has a safe trip and that your babies are happy and healthy! Sooo excited for you.

    The nursery looks fabulous, they are going to love it!

    Will be waiting for updates, all Gods love and favor!


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