Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leaving Tomorrow!!! Prayers, Blog, and Thank You!

The time has actually come. We leave tomorrow. We feel so very blessed! We can't believe the amazing journey God has brought us on in this last year!

Yes, we know we usually write an book, but this time we thought we'd help you to wade through it (since this is the last email :)).

Here's what we're covering :).
1. Prayer Requests
2. Blog Updating while on trip
3. Attachment
4. Thank you!!!!

1. Prayer Requests- We have been covered in prayer this whole way and thank you for your continued petitions on our behalf.

*Please pray for the babies, that they are healthy (free from virus, disease, parasites) and strong, being picked up and loved until we arrive.

*Please pray that God prepares the babies hearts for us, giving them dreams, paving the way in their little lives. Please also pray for their transition, that they attach quickly and immediately see us as their mommy and daddy.

*Please pray for a safe trip, that everything is smooth (no glitches in paperwork, lost luggage, airlines, Guest Home, etc.) and that we are brought back together as a family of NINE.

* That we are able to serve God while we are being blessed so deeply. That we glorify Him in all circumstances.

*Please pray for protection against satan's barbs. We have seen satan throwing everything that he can when a child of God answers THE call....God's call.

*Please pray against all illness and parasites for us as well (Thomas, Kat, Tom, and Sarah). A lot of people are catching viruses and contracting parasites during their trips. Please also pray for the health and safety of our children (Anna, Max, Bekah, and my mom and brother) and family left at home.

*Please pray for the biological family, that they know the peace only Christ can give.

2.Blog Updating While on Trip
Addis Ababa's electricity is not always predictable, but we DO hope to be able to post occasionally. We WILL have a guest blogger (my spiritual sister, Michelle) that will update about what's happening with us when we can't.

There are five posts about the attachment process and our plans for our little ones under Kat's "Kat"agories to the right of the screen. We have placed our basic plan below, but our posts describe the "why" much better :).

For four months (less or more time if necessary) we are the only ones to hold, diaper, bath, and feed our newest blessing. They must begin to understand that we will provide for all their needs. Often we are repeating stages they should have gotten already, but didn't (bottle feeding longer, while looking them in the eyes and holding them, etc.). Our goal is that they understand others love them, but that an attachment is fostered for those that are their mommy, daddy, siblings, and (daily in their lives) family. They may not choose to attach, and it's our responsibility to insure they do. It may be easy and it may be hard.

4.We wanted to say "thank you" for all the prayers and donations that you all have sent (hopefully we'll have pictures of the donations up on the blog today). Though we are trying to get thank you notes out, it's coming slowly. You are all such a blessing to us. Thank you doesn't seem enough. You are all a blessing from God.

Well, it's time our awesome friends...time to hold our Gabe and Rachel. It's time to see God's plan for our family fulfilled.

Africa, here we come!!!!

Having a Blast In Christ,
Kat and Thomas

Don't forget to "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

We are living proof! :)


  1. Oh, I love that, "Having a blast in Christ."

    Praying for you. Have a wonderful trip. Eve

  2. Take care... and safe travels for you all. Enjoy your time in Ethiopia!

  3. Praying for you my bloggy friend:)! So happy you get to bring two more precious babies HOME! Can't wait to "meet" them:)!

  4. You are at the single most exciting part of this entire journey. I'm genuinely excited for you guys. I know too well the feelings you are having the anticipation you are experiencing. Can't wait till you see the blue gates, drive through, wait around for what will seem like forever, and then before you know it, those precious babies will be walked out from the nursery in the arms of their nannies and into the arms of their mommy and daddy!
    Safe travels. Can not wait to see the pictures of this special moment.

  5. Kat, I can't believe it's time!!! I'm so glad you will be able update along the way. Our whole family will be covering yours in prayer in the days ahead.

    Much Love,


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