Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Diligently Watching the Cats Pack...Wait....

It is 12:46am and we are leaving TODAY for Ethiopia!!!

There have been bits of sadness and tears today as it started to hit our little ones. They've started to realize (even though Grandma's is AWESOME and exciting) that mommy, daddy, and their big brother and sister will be gone for almost 10 days (2 days traveling each way and six in country). It's hard holding our little ones and just wanting to cry with them. The thought of leaving them here is a little sad. Yet...we're ready...we're ready to bring our babies home. I know our little ones here will have a BLAST with Grandma and with their Uncle Steve staying at our house around the corner. We also know that our hearts will fall in love with Ethiopia all over again.

Soooo....I promised a pic of the donations today. I lied. It's not 12:50am and it's tomorrow. Man, that confused even me (actually an easy thing to do). Thank you all, very seriously, for your generosity. Thank you notes are slow, but some day (when you least expect it) they will come.

Okay, so ignore the tortillas, they are a gift for a friend in Ethiopia. Yes, we are big spenders (smile).

We packed long and hard today...and the cats watched diligently.

Okay, diligently may be too strong a word.

Finally we are done....

We better be, because we can't fit anymore in our car.

Travel Prayer Requests

*Please pray for the babies, that they are healthy (free from virus, disease, parasites) and strong, being picked up and loved until we arrive.
*Please pray that God prepares the babies hearts for us, giving them dreams, paving the way in their little lives. Please also pray for their transition, that they attach quickly and immediately see us as their mommy and daddy.
*Please pray for a safe trip, that everything is smooth (no glitches in paperwork, lost luggage, airlines, Guest Home, etc.) and that we are brought back together as a family of NINE.
* That we are able to serve God while we are being blessed so deeply. That we glorify Him in all circumstances.
*Please pray for protection against satan's barbs. We have seen satan throwing everything that he can when a child of God answers THE call....God's call.
*Please pray against all illness and parasites for us as well (Thomas, Kat, Tom, and Sarah). A lot of people are catching viruses and contracting parasites during their trips. Please also pray for the health and safety of our children (Anna, Max, Bekah, and my mom and brother) and family left at home.
*Please pray for the biological family, that they know the peace only Christ can give.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

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  1. I know that it is so hard to leave your youngest three behind for so long, but the time will pass quickly and they won't even remember you being away once you are home. (I had to leave my kiddos many times during our adoption--once I was gone for 15 days).

    Praying for you on your trip! Your suitcases will come home empty, but your arms will be full.

    God Bless,

    P.S. I love how your cats worked together to help you pack! People really underestimate what felines can accomplish between naps. ;)


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