Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is Kat's friend Michelle....it is 11:30 PM east coast time and I just received a call from Kat (6:30am Ethiopian time) that they have some immediate prayer requests of all of us. When they first took custody of Rachel and Gabe both babies were eating ok but soon Rachel started to have issues eating well. I talked to her earlier today and Rachel was eating VERY little. This last phone call was a tearful Kat telling me that Rachel cannot put ANYTHING in her mouth, not even pedialyte, without vomiting everything up. They are waiting until a friend in Ethiopia wakes this morning to contact her to find assistance in getting Rachel to the best Dr. or hospital for care. In the meantime, Gabe is showing some signs of not wanting to eat and Sarah and Thomas are not feeling well with cold symptoms and some stomach problems. Kat's IMMEDIATE prayer request are:
** they find Rachel the BEST medical care and that God heals her little body quickly.
** the others get better without serious physical issues
**others in the family stay healthy and that their travel home goes as planned.

I will be calling Kat tomorrow again when I wake to get an update on Rachel. Thank you for your prayers....I know Thomas, Kat, Tom, Sarah, Rachel and Gabe can feel all of our love and prayers for them in Ethiopia and find GREAT comfort in knowing our Lord has all of us prayer warriors on their side. GOD BLESS!!


Just got off the phone with Kat and Rachel has improved today! PRAISE GOD!!! They were able to get her into a Swedish clinic and the Dr. thinks she just has a virus. She is now able to keep some fluids down and she is not dehydrated which was the most immediate concern. Thomas, Sarah and Gabe are all doing a little better too which is a BIG relief. Thomas was able to get the rest of the paperwork needed this morning so their travel plans to return home are still as scheduled. They are all exhausted and anxious to get home, but feel so VERY blessed to have their beautiful babies in their arms!! Kat thanks everyone for the continued love and support throughtout this journey! God Bless!! ~Michelle


  1. Thanks so much for letting us know. I'm praying for them now.


  2. Praying for healing for everyone in the family!! god has gotten you all that far...he's not gonna let you down now!

  3. Praying and hoping they all feel better, especially little Rachel who can't eat at all. God is good!

  4. Praying right now Michelle!

  5. I will keep Kat and Rachel and Gabe in my prayers. BUT, tell them that this happened to me as well and was all stress related!!!!! (It sucks to think this. But, it is totally true.) Kat should contact to Tigist (a nurse at Toukoul) and she will prescribe her something to help settle her stomach. ALSO, tell them to use an eyedropper for re-hydrating! Each of these steps helped me SO much!!

  6. YAAAYY! I've been praying all morning, off and on...sooo glad you guys are headed home with your new babies in tow, and praying for continued good health for EVERYONE!

  7. So glad to hear she's doing better!! Been praying over here!


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