Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Thomas Day!!!

Father's Day is very special this year. This week I get to watch my husband as he holds his babies for the first time. As a mom, there is nothing like it. To see my husband's heart so full that he seems to not take a's a gift.

Each child is so incredibly precious to Thomas. Each child is such an incredible gift.

The way he holds a child upside down, shoots them with Super Soaker, or just has an early morning snuggle on the couch with his child....he amazes me.

He's a wonderful Father and I believe I know why. He values his Heavenly Father higher than every one of us. Some may gasp as I say that, but it's true and needs to be true. Nothing comes before God and in honoring God, he cherishes his family beyond what a mere string of words can say.

Happy Father's Day honey! My Macho He Stud Muffin!!! (Just heard a collective gag)

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