Friday, May 7, 2010

Who Won? (and Wondering Why I'm Singing it to "Where is My Hairbrush?" by Veggie Tales?)

Today is the day. Today we are drawing the names for the pretty "Enat" necklace as well as the the "A HOPE" bag! You can see the original giveaway here. It's a busy day today and so I don't get to torture you guys and draw it out as I normally enjoy (evil laugh). Okay, I know no ones dying, but I like to imagine that everyone's pining in anticipation (smile).

The winner of the "Enat" necklace is......

Jones Ethiopia at "Always and Forever !!!"

The winner of the cool "A HOPE" bag is...

Jen at "A Bevy of Boys!!!"

Thank you all for celebrating with us a we passed court! God has blessed us so much!!! Check back for another giveaway at the end of the month! We are still waiting for a couple of other giveaway prizes to come in the mail, so those who haven't received them...they'll be there soon!!!

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."Psalm 37:4

*We passed court!!!
*God is providing!!!
*Daniel (Liberia) just got a form that will move his adoption forward!!!
*Olivia Mame passed court!!!
*Rolando and Julia had their Empathy Study!!!
These are just a few of MANY!!!

Prayer Requests
Our Adoption:
*Please pray for the twins and their health. Please pray that God heals any infirmity. Please pray that they are loved on until we get there and that God prepares their hearts for us.
*Please pray for a quick Embassy date.
*Please pray for the twins biological family, that they know Christ and have peace through Him. Our blessing is through their pain and suffering.
*Please pray that God continue to bless us financially as we gather the final funds.
*satan (yep,didn't capitalize on purpose) tends to throw barbs at us when we're trying to glorify God. Please pray protection for our family, babies, and those involved during this time.

*Prayers for Olivia Mame...a quick Embassy date (she passed court after TWO YEARS of waiting!)
*Prayers for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)to come home after FIVE years!!!
* For Daniel (Liberia) and his health. That the rest of his adoption FLIES and he can come home and that the country opens up to adoptions so that Junior and Diamoh can come home quickly as well.
*Ranea awaiting court for their daughter in Bulgaria. Got a difficult judge, but that God uses that in an extraordinary blessing of a way!

Please pray for Abby, a little girl with Leukemia. Please pray for healing and peace for her family. Please also pray for Tatum and Elke who are also struggling with Leukemia.

Please also pray for Chrissie, a little girl that had heart surgery and died twice in the last week and a half. She is doing much better and off the heart and lung bypass, but still needs a ventilator. Please pray for complete healing of her lungs and heart. If there is any disease present in her lungs, please pray it is completely gone. Please pray for NO infection, her heart to function WONDERFULLY and just the way it needs to. Please also pray for movement on both sides of her body (the doctors fear a stroke) and for body to be completely healed. Seriously, this little girl is a miracle. You can read about her here....



  1. Still praying for you guys! :)

  2. Cool! Thank you! That certainly does brighten my day. :)


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