Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's the Haps....

Thought I'd drop everyone a line and let you know "What's the haps...". That's about the extent of the cool effort I can employ as a late 30's mom of seven :).

We're tying up the end of our school year and cramming in effort to get everything ready to travel to Ethiopia when the travel news arrives. It's amazing the level of planning for such a short trip! We haven't heard anything yet, but anytime in the next four weeks we should. We're praying we hear in the next two.

It's hard to know what to expect or what to plan. Though not usually overwhelmed, I am a tad at this point. There are every day expenses, compounded by extra unusual ones (like the one cat that's not fixed deciding now would be the time to mark his territory, thus making it mandatory to fix him). Sometimes little things can become big things as you try to juggle needs vs. wants. International travel during the peak month of June made me set down a time or two and say, "I think I can flap my arms and get there a little cheaper". I'm sure there must be a reduced price if they think I'm "not quite right".

Also, I find it amazing that we have seven kids and I gave away everything (except for some girl clothes) after the first five. WHAT??!!! YOU WHAT??!!! Yep, pure brilliance! Seriously, with five amazing kids, who'd have thought God would bless us AGAIN!!! Seriously cool and all that! So, we have started from scratch, gathering supplies we need. Trying to remember what we need (old age and all :)).

Did I tell you we only have one working bathroom and the car won't start this mornining? (Had to throw that in there somewhere)

Well, as I think of all the things we need to do and funds we need to raise in the next four weeks, I'm reminded that others are in greater need. Others face greater obstacles than a few dollars. There are three I can think of offhand.

In the adoption world, a bloggy friend of mine is struggling to bring in the absolute minimum needed to bring her son, Jeremiah, home from Taiwan. This gorgeous little one has Cerebral Palsy and needs his family so badly. They are only a little over two weeks from traveling and still need another $1,500. God will provide, but I know this stress and it's not easy.
"Till God Brings Them Home"

Also, there are some children that could use some prayers for their health. The most immanent is a little girl adopted from Serbia just a short time ago, Chrissie. She has a clot near her heart that the doctors will be dealing with tomorrow. She's been through a lot....major heart surgery, heart and lung bypass, infection in her lungs, and so much more. She has died twice and needs prayers desperately.
"All Are Precious In His Sight"

Last, before I post our prayer request list, please pray for little Abby with Leukemia. She's on the tail end of a year and a half of chemo. It has been a giant and very hard/painful roller coaster for little Abby. On a side note, they are raising funds for adoption as well. Also, little Tatum and Elke (from different families) could use prayers for the same painful disease...their fight with leukemia.
"...Where Laughter Lives: The Riggs Family Blog"

*We passed court!!!
*God is providing!!!
*Daniel (Liberia) just got a form that will move his adoption forward!!!
*Olivia Mame passed court and has an embassy date for early June!!!
*Rolando and Julia had their Empathy Study!!!
These are just a few of MANY!!!

Prayer Requests
Our Adoption:
*Please pray for the twins and their health. Please pray that God heals any infirmity. Please pray that they are loved on until we get there and that God prepares their hearts for us.
*Please pray for a quick Embassy date.
*Please pray for the twins biological family, that they know Christ and have peace through Him. Our blessing is through their pain and suffering.
*Please pray that God continue to bless us financially as we gather the final funds.
*satan (yep,didn't capitalize on purpose) tends to throw barbs at us when we're trying to glorify God. Please pray protection for our family, babies, and those involved during this time.

*Prayers that God prepare Olivia Mame's heart as she's been waiting for her mommy for years now and her mommy is COMING!!!! (little "woo hoo!" there)
*Prayers for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)to come home after FIVE years!!!
* For Daniel (Liberia) and his health. That the rest of his adoption FLIES and he can come home and that the country opens up to adoptions so that Junior and Diamoh can come home quickly as well.
*Renae awaiting court for their daughter in Bulgaria. Got a difficult judge, but that God uses that in an extraordinary blessing of a way!
"Delight yourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

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