Monday, May 17, 2010

Third Person Cleaning

Kat is feeling very third person today after perusing facebook.

Kat is sorting through boxes of her kids' old baby clothes seeing what will fit the little ones (and won't embarrass us...think around '94...scary stuff). She thinks Rachel will be mostly taken care of, but Gabe will enable his mommy to do some shopping (oh, the pain). Kat does wish she had more matching stuff. She has to do the twin thing for the brief few months they let her.

Kat feels weird talking about herself in third person, but also finds it oddly fun.

Kat is now going to go and find out why her kids are so quiet and does have a small wish that the title of this blog was true and did have a third person cleaning.


  1. tee, hee, you're funny! ;) What a fun project, though, in the 'getting ready' process!!!

  2. he he he! Great sense of humor!


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