Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayerful Sighs...Needing My Friends

As many of you read, I am not doing quite as well as I hoped with our wait for an embassy date. I'm not going batty, or not any more than normal :). I'm just a mom waiting to hold her babies during a political time in Ethiopia.

You see, our agency has two embassy dates assigned each month. The embassy interview is the day that we HAVE to be there and they issue Visa's for our adopted children to come into the country. Our dates for this month are Monday, June 14th and Monday, June 28th.

Normally this would not be a cause for any kind of disruption or concern, but the results of the elections in Ethiopia are being released (the last I heard) on the 15th. We are not sure the embassy WILL be issuing dates that close to the results being read. Does that make sense?

In 2005 hundreds were killed in the civil unrest after the elections took place. This year, though tense, no one seems to want to have the same situation occur and it's been relatively peaceful.

Our agency has assigned embassy dates for their clients (the date is held), but the embassy has to assign the agencies specific clients to said date. June 28th is also a assigned date, but if any form of violence erupts, this date may not be assigned as well.

This is where we are at. We are living with a bunch of unknowns. We know that is part of life and especially of the adoption process. We've been through the roller coaster before :) and it is well worth it.

We are asking for prayers though. I need prayers my friends. Prayers for peaceful Ethiopian elections, prayers for a very quick embassy date, and many many prayers for peace in our hearts as we wait. Our other requests are equally (if not more so) important (I will post those below), but these three requests are like a bridge to our children. Please pray for God's favor in these.

Again, I am not going COMPLETELY insane (smile), but my heart is heavy for our children. Our lives are in the planning for a trip that we don't know WHEN will take place. We want safety, but know God can bring this peace and safety whenever we travel. God is so much bigger than any government (I know, deja vous) and bigger than any unrest.

We have seen God work throughout our adoption as His children prayed. Please pray friends.....

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

In all these things we want God's will above all else.

Our Adoption Requests:
*That our little ones are picked up, loved, and healthy until we get there.
*That God prepares their hearts and minds for us and the transition is smooth.
*That we receive a quick embassy date and will be able to travel in June if God wills and that the embassy and our agency is willing to assign June dates.
*For our children's bio family....that they have peace and know Christ.
*That the funds finish coming in and that everything sells as we finish the tail end of fundraising to bring the little ones home.
*For peace as we wait...both for the babies and us and very much for the Ethiopian elections.
*Please also pray for complete protection and health on our trip (as families are coming home with parasites, viruses, etc.). satan (not capitalized on purpose) also tends to send barbs at you when you're following God. Please pray that he is rendered ineffective and God protects us from these barbs.
*Please, again, pray that the elections are peaceful and God's Hand of protection lays especially on our children (including those that are traveling with us to bring our children home).

For Other Families and Their Adoptions...
*Daniel in Liberia (with hydrocephaly) will be in his mommy's arms soon. Please pray for their travel and his health.
*Please pray as Olivia Mame (Ethiopia) will be in her mommy's arms soon as well. Please pray that God prepares her heart and for their trip.
(Yes, these are two children that governments had to move to enable them to come home...and God did just that, moved governments.)
*Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala) to be able to come home soon. Their adoption journey has now hit FIVE YEARS.
*Renae, as her court date in Bulgaria is like NOW. Please pray God's hand is on them.

*Please pray for four year old Chrissie's family. She just passed away after a long battle. Please pray for comfort and peace that only God can give.
*Please pray for little Abby (with Leukemia). She's having a hard time and can use prayers for complete healing and wisdom for the doctors and families. Also, for Tatum and Elke who are in the midst of the same battle.


  1. I would be slightly TERRIFIED to travel at all..SOOO thankful God has you in His hands:)! Praying it's SUPER quick and we hear news THIS week!

  2. Thank you guys....I'm feeling very human today (smile), but know God is in control. I've seen God work so many times, that I know an election is nothing compared to His power. You guys have brought comfort to my heart! Hugs and thanks!

  3. I am praying for you and you sweeties in Ethiopia. May God's will be done in all of these requests!

    In Christ Alone,



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