Wednesday, May 5, 2010

People are Fallible

How many times to we hear, "They would never do that?" as someone upstanding in the community or Church falls...and falls hard.

I've seen people leave the Church as their roll model was arrested. This is not a joke. I have seen things I wish I hadn't.

Often we have our eyes fixed on someone in between us and God. This is so dangerous. The ONLY one infallible is God. Humans all fail. Yes, we think some are incapable of committing atrocities. I'm right there with you. Yet, we need to remember that, if the horror comes to the forefront and the worst happens, God doesn't fail.

I read an article today that is an excellent and on this exact subject. He puts it better than I EVER could....
"Lacrosse, Murder, and the Poison Cup"

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