Monday, May 3, 2010

"Here Kitty Kitty!!!" Blog Hop

Well, the latest Blog Hop is about nicknames. Oh, I've had them and most of them I can repeat (just kidding...a few of them I can...still kidding). I was born with the same name as my mom. This made things a little confusing. Often, people who called would ask for me by my first AND middle name. Occasionally they'd ask for big Kathy or Little Kathy...ummm...that just didn't fly.

Now as time went on we got creative. My friend and I in Spanish class had our Spanish nicknames for each other (I won't tell them it's you Lisa). Yep, sadly I still remember mine....Catalina Louisa Carmen Lupe Rodriguez. Ya, we couldn't settle on just one.

Finally I hit my college years and a nickname stuck...Kat. Yet, as I've always had funny friends (tad bit of I enjoyed college years filled with, "Here kitty kitty kitty!" yelled from across campus. Alan and David (and EVERYONE else I hung out with), your secret is safe with me.

You know what's especially sad though....

I came.

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